inbound 2017

Going to INBOUND 2017? Mark our session on your schedule.

Join Jeff Nappi, our Director of Software Engineering, as he hosts a breakout session at INBOUND 2017 about his experiences creating technology for an incredibly ambitious live video marketing campaign back in 2005: attempting to stay in 100 Las Vegas hotels in 100 days while simultaneously live-streaming the entire experience on the Internet.

Although the campaign was a decade ago — years before live-streaming for the Web was remotely easy — the lessons he learned are even more vital for content marketers today. And did we mention the cost approached $500,000? Wave your selfie stick for the kind of marketing magic that budget could get you today, and see how live video has changed — and has not changed so much — for marketers following the zeitgeist.

Whether you’re attending INBOUND 2017 or not, you can get some phenomenal tips from a series of filmmakers and video producers (even an Emmy Award Winner) in our free 56-page ebook, a companion to Jeff’s live video breakout session.


live video ebook

Live Video Playbook for Marketers


Do’s, Don’ts and Experts’ Stories From the Field

Award-winning producers, directors and video marketers share decades of combined experience to help you produce better video content, from live social streaming du jour to production techniques that have stood the test of time. Plus, get further insights on the writing and wisdom needed behind any good video, whether it’s broadcast live or not.

Learn lessons from experts on:

  • Live-streaming for days on end
  • Interviewing politicians and celebs
  • Covering post-production needs on the shoot
  • Booking better talent and locations
  • Writing up crucial planning docs

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