Are headlines really that important? Well, investing your focus in a riveting headline gets you more clicks, increases your virality, and optimizes your searchability. 

To do this, you’ll want to take advantage of these 6 frameworks for amazing blog headlines.

Frameworks for Amazing Blog Headlines

Use these six frameworks for headlines to increase the organic traffic to your blogs.

1. Backed by Science

Adding the phrase ‘Backed by Science” to your headlines suggests that your content is factual, is supported by legitimate sources, and that you go the extra mile to put together high-value content.

It’s a great framework for grabbing your audience’s attention while boosting your credibility. 


  • How to Turn Your Site Visitors Into Buyers [Backed by Science]
  • Backed By Science: How to Become a Better Entrepreneur
  • 10 Writing Tips [Backed by Science] to Create Top-Notch Content

2. Listicles

According to OptinMonster, 35 percent of readers prefer list-based headlines because of their clarity, brevity, and scannability.

Readers are able to effortlessly scan the list to ensure a blog post contains the information they’re looking for without being forced to read it from top to bottom.


  • X Frameworks for Amazing Blog Headlines
  • X Proven Tips Marketers Use to Double Their Site Traffic
  • X-Point Checklist to Create Client-Winning Content

3. Ultimate Guide

Busy people prefer reading ‘Ultimate Guide’ posts since it gives them easy access to all the info they need in one place. 

This allows them to avoid wasting their time pouring through multiple blog posts.


  • Content Writing Ultimate Guide: Tips, Examples, FAQs, Etc.
  • Ultimate Guide to Content Outsourcing for Mid-Market Companies
  • Ultimate Guide to Writing SEO Articles (w/ Tips & Examples)

4. The Secret to

The Secret to’ framework invokes your readers’ strong sense of intrigue and curiosity. 

Both are powerful emotional experiences that drive readers to click headlines. 


  • The One Secret to Writing Traffic-Generating Articles
  • The Secret Gary V. Uses to Generate Viral Content
  • The Secret to Content Marketing Success for SaaS Companies

5. How-to

You and I have pain points. You can be sure your target audience has them, too!

Publishing ‘How-to’ articles is a powerful strategy allowing you to share walkthroughs, tips, and steps to help your readers solve their problems.


  • How to Write High-Performing Articles without Breaking the Bank
  • How to Update Your Old Blog Content in Minutes
  • How to Win at Content Marketing Without Spending Thousands

6. Questions

Questions are a great, non-intrusive way to get your reader to relate to your content.

Questions also remind them of their pain point, getting them to read your post, hoping it contains the solutions to their problems.


  • How on Earth Do I Produce Traffic Generating Content?
  • What’s the Best, Most Affordable Strategy to Make Money Online?
  • When’s the Best Time to Post Articles or Social Media Content?

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