Welcome to our ClearVoice Team Spotlight video series! In these videos, we take a peek behind the curtain at some of the rockstars who make our ClearVoice team what it is. 

Peter Koury: Customer Success Team Lead

In this episode, Peter Koury, the Customer Success Team Lead at ClearVoice, steps into the limelight for a detailed discussion. With a focus on the intricate dynamics of ClearVoice and his specific role, Peter offers an in-depth perspective on the evolution of content marketing, strategies for crafting impactful content, and insights into ongoing content marketing trends

We talk about his role as a leader on the Customer Success team, including:

  • Eliminating roadblocks for his team
  • Helping grow the next generation of leaders
  • Supporting post-sales and retention

Then, we dive into the importance of understanding the workflow behind campaigns, the timing of communications, and the customer journey you’re trying to achieve. 

And, of course, we touch a little bit on the hot topic of AI, including how to create the healthiest mix between AI and human interaction to maximize a piece of content’s impact and drive results. 

Finally, we touch on the most common mistakes he sees clients make when working with a content partner. 

Peter Koury’s ClearVoice Questionnaire

Don’t miss Peter taking our CV Questionnaire. He talks about his favorite phone app, something big or small that he’s really good at, and his favorite thing to cook! Then, he talks about his favorite way to get into a workflow.

Work With Content Experts

At ClearVoice, we pride ourselves on assembling a diverse team of experts dedicated to enhancing your business outcomes through superior content. Our rigorous selection process ensures we partner you with professionals who excel in your industry, streamlining your journey toward achieving exceptional content marketing success.

So whether you need one blog post or an entire strategy and content campaign, ClearVoice has you covered. Our vast Talent Network of 4,000+ proven, expert creators across 200+ industries means you get the exact creators that fit your needs and budget. Talk to a content specialist today to get started.

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