Welcome to the ClearVoice Team Spotlight video series! 

In these videos, we peek behind the curtain at some of the rockstars who make our ClearVoice team what it is. 

Mike Bernardez: VP of Engineering

In this episode of the ClearVoice Team Spotlight, Mike Bernardez, VP of Engineering at ClearVoice, steps into the limelight for a detailed conversation. Mike has been in the content marketing industry for over a decade and witnessed a lot of changes during that time. 

With a focus on the intricate dynamics of ClearVoice and his specific role, Mike offers an in-depth perspective on the ins and outs of a product environment, from writing code to correcting any potential errors and net new innovations for our ClearVoice platform. 

We also cover his role as VP of engineering, including: 

  • The nuances that come with overseeing a monolithic application
  • The importance of not underserving your own in-house staff

We talk about what excites him most about the current landscape – AI, breaking down the crossroads he sees most companies facing. And we also talk about all the biggest shifts and changes he’s seen recently, like: 

Finally, Mike breaks down why he thinks the content marketing world is a mixture of old and new and why he thinks there’s always room for more players. 

Mike’s ClearVoice Questionnaire

Don’t miss out on Mike taking our ClearVoice Questionnaire! He talks about The New York Times game app, his love of baking, and coffee being his number one daily ritual.

Work With Content Experts

At ClearVoice, we pride ourselves on assembling a diverse team of experts dedicated to enhancing your business outcomes through superior content. Our rigorous selection process ensures we partner you with professionals who excel in your industry, streamlining your journey toward achieving exceptional content marketing success.

So whether you need one blog post or an entire strategy and content campaign, ClearVoice has you covered. Our vast Talent Network of 4,000+ proven, expert creators across 200+ industries means you get the exact creators that fit your needs and budget. Connect with us today to get started.

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