Happy New Year, ClearVoicers! We’re all hitting the ground with full speed to implement our Q1 content strategies and marketing plans. As you’re executing fantastic content, be sure to leverage the newest features and latest updates for each platform.

Here are your monthly updates from the world of social media.

Facebook app updates

Facebook update:

Facebook announces its privacy center. Facebook is unveiling its Privacy Center for all users within the upcoming months. Within the Privacy Center, users can check and manage their activity logs, direct access to their information, and manage their ad preferences.

Twitter updates

Twitter update:

Twitter continues to expand feature access for reporting misleading tweets. With misinformation at an all-time high on social media platforms, Twitter expands its test feature, allowing users to flag misleading content on its social media platform to Brazil, Spain, and the Philippines.

Instagram updates

Instagram update:

Instagram releases its 2022 Trend Report. From wellness and fitness to gaming, the 2022 Trend Report outlines core statistics of Gen Z consumption behavior along with prominent influencers within each noted category. The report is downloadable, so be sure to grab your downloadable copy.

TikTok updates

TikTok update:

TikTok integrates Stories within the app’s ‘For You’ feed. The stories feature made its way to TikTok, and users will begin to experience the new video format in their “For You” Feed. If you don’t see the feature yet, don’t worry! It’s not released to all users, but it will be soon.

Snapchat updates

Snapchat update:

New features are added to the latest Snapchat update for Android and iOS users. It’s time to update your Snap app! With your app update, you may notice new notification features, including improved calling, chat reply, and more.

LinkedIn updates

LinkedIn update:

Linkedin adds live audio and enhances the live broadcasting experience. If you’re enjoying the live broadcasting on LinkedIn, they’re releasing LinkedIn Video Event to enhance the virtual event experience. Additionally, LinkedIn is kicking off its platform audio experience with content creators, and they’re planning to expand access to this feature beginning in the spring.

Pinterest updates

Pinterest updates:

Pinterest shares the behavior of its users that identify as male. It’s no secret that the demographics for Pinterest skew heavily female. However, according to Pinterest in their recent study, approximately 27% of U.S. males use the app as well for purchasing decisions. If you’re targeting men 25 to 54 years old, this report will assist you in creating your Pinterest content smarter.

Pinterest includes profiles in its search engine. To continue its effort in supporting the creators on the platform, Pinterest recently added a profiles tab to its main search engine. The algorithm will filter content to users by names and the content, so be sure to use your SEO for the platform (and use it strategically).

YouTube updates

YouTube update:

Baby Shark becomes YouTube’s most-watched video. Now surpassing 10 billion views, Baby Shark takes the title of the most-watched video on Youtube. According to YouTube, the video was uploaded in June 2016 by Pinkfong, a South Korean education company, and recorded by singer Hope Segoine.

Reddit updates

Reddit update:

Reddit’s co-founder predicts play-to-earn crypto games will be the majority of gaming within five years. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian recently shared his views on the gaming industry and predicted its transformation to blockchain and 90% play-to-earn with crypto.

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