As a freelancer, you run a business where you are the face of your brand. Companies hire you for your skills, expertise and knowledge. Your personal brand paints a picture of who you are and acts as the first impression for those looking to hire you, often before you even have a chance to interact with them yourself. In today’s digital age, personal branding is more important than ever.

Discover your personal brand and develop your teamlancing career.

Whether you are just starting out or an established teamlancer, your brand is an essential factor in your portfolio’s growth and teamlancing trajectory. Branding yourself pushes you to discover your unique skill set and differentiate your niche, and requires you to set goals and hold yourself accountable. By identifying your personal brand assets, you can market yourself effectively, attract projects that inspire you and deliver a consistent result.

Personal branding pushes you to:

  • Leverage your strengths to differentiate your teamlancing niche
  • Know how to market yourself
  • Deliver consistent results

set professional goals that align with your brand

Set professional goals that align with your personal brand’s mission statement.

As you name your strengths and set up a plan to further your professional endeavors, personal branding also challenges you to create a strategic vision for your life. The relevant coursework asks you to introspect so that you can project and tackle your life vision and purpose. Getting clear on an overarching purpose and striving toward significant personal achievements drives the global teamlancing network to create, refine and relay concepts through content.

Personal branding coursework helps you to:

  • Create a strategic life vision
  • Conceptualize and define your life purpose
  • Relate to fellow teamlancers on personal goals

Enhance your teamlancing path by defining your personal brand.

The best part of personal branding is that its rewards are cyclical. As you refine your professional offerings, you can work toward your personal goals. And as you further clarify your personal goals, you become more consistent in professional delivery and more desirable to hire. The higher you climb the ranks of your teamlancing niche, the more avenues you open up to yourself to work toward professional and personal goals, and the process repeats itself.

Personal branding repetition encourages you to:

  • Seek and attract opportunities for niche expertise
  • Earn professional achievement that facilitates personal goals
  • Broaden horizons for growth through continued reflection and refinement

take the leap with your personal brand

Take the leap to discover your personal teamlancing brand.

Personal branding coursework elucidates your strengths, encourages you to forward-think and casts light on the creative discipline you have to offer. Step into your teamlancing niche by getting started with our Personal Branding ebook. You’ll have the opportunity to explore your personal brand, expand the shape of your professional future and harness the inner-power you have to share with global teams fueling our future’s content.

In our 18-page ebook, you can learn:

  • Actionable items to position your branding
  • Best practices for personal branding on Instagram
  • Worksheets to help craft your branding framework

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