Business owners should add the job “master juggler” to their résumé because, more often than not, they’re always juggling a smorgasbord of action items at once.

While these entrepreneurs and their companies may aptly handle business operations, it’s not uncommon for smaller things to fall through the cracks… even if those seemingly small things — like building a blog — can help grow their business in a big way.

Clearly, having a blog is a great investment, but for companies that are already running at high speeds, adding one more item to the docket could be the tipping point.

To combat this, companies that want to develop a blog, but simply don’t have the luxury of time, can outsource their blog content to freelance writers.

Learn the benefits of outsourcing blog content to freelancers, what type of writer to hire, and how to get started.

What are the benefits of outsourcing content creation?

What are the benefits of outsourcing blog content?

Hiring a writer to produce blog content is a smart way to level up your business game. Here are just a few benefits of outsourcing blog content (and content creation as a whole).


Hiring employees costs both time and money. According to Glassdoor, the average in-house writer makes an average of $49,000 a year.

But before you can even offer an in-house writer a salary, you need to interview a pool of candidates and vet their skills and ability to mesh with your current team. This process requires input and ample time from a host of individuals and departments.

By outsourcing to a blog writer, you can reduce the amount of time spent searching for a full-time writer and reduce the costs of a yearly salary.

Regardless of whether you hire a writer based on an hourly rate, monthly retainer, or a per-blog budget, you will save more money in the long-run, while still receiving quality content.

Consistent content

Consistency is key! Although business owners may be able to bust out a blog piece or two every once in a while, consistency is crucial when it comes to building a blog.

By outsourcing your blog writing to freelance writers, you can receive consistent, high-quality content based on the frequency you agree upon. Whether your writer submits three blogs a month or 30, having a steady flow of incoming blog content is a great step in expanding your brand’s digital presence.

Elevated SEO and marketing

If you agree on making it a standard requirement, your content writer can incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and create content around trending topics.

Using highly searchable keywords, writing poignant headlines, and explaining buzzy topics that relate to your brand will all increase your search ranking. As you elevate your SEO and marketing practices, you amplify your ability to be found on the internet and boost your chances of gaining new clientele.

If you’re outsourcing blog content, SEO will be a crucial component to ensure your target audience finds it.

What type of content writer do you need?

What type of content writer do you need?

Successfully outsourcing blog content to freelancers means you need to know what you are looking for. Here are a few preferences to identify before hiring a blog writer.

What is their subject expertise?

What topics will your blog revolve around? If your blog topics require minimal to moderate research, you can find freelancers who have basic knowledge about that subject to write your posts.

However, if your subject matter is highly technical and gets down to the nitty-gritty components of complex topics, it may benefit you to find someone who specializes in that particular field of expertise.

The better a writer understands the topic, the better they can explain difficult topics in a way that relates to your audience.

What voice will your blog have?

The freelance writer you hire when outsourcing blog content will be an extension of your brand. Their voice and writing style will saturate your digital footprint and communicate directly to your audience. To successfully outsource your blog content, you first have to determine what type of voice you want to emulate.

Do you want your blogs to have a high-brow, academic voice? Do you want readers to feel like they’re conversing with a friend? Do you want to incorporate snappy and witty undertones or do you want to keep things straight-laced?

Whatever style you’re looking for, make sure the writer you chose to create your blog posts can seamlessly adapt to your brand’s voice and has the ability to adequately communicate (or inspire, educate, defunct, etc.) the topics that are top priorities for your business.

Ghostwriter or byline?

In the same vein of aligning with your brand, something to consider when outsourcing your blog content is what type of credit will be given to the writer.

Do you want a ghostwriter? Hiring a ghostwriter is when the writer’s name is removed from the blog and you use the content as your own. Or will the writer have a byline? Will the writer have their name publicly attached to the blog? There isn’t a right answer, but these are important distinctions that need to be transparently discussed prior to hiring a freelance writer so expectations are established.

How will you compensate them?

Compensation can look different depending on the freelance writer. Some writers will want a monthly retainer where you, the business owner, will pay a pre-determined fee to receive a set amount of articles.

Other writers will base their rates on a per-word basis. The fee for each blog will vary depending on the total word count of the article. Another compensation method is to hire a freelance blog writer to work hourly.

As a business owner, you can come up with a budget and set amount of weekly or monthly hours. The writer will produce blog content within the duration of set work hours.

Rates and writer experience widely vary, so it can be helpful as a business owner to have a ballpark budget of what you can afford and what expertise level you’re looking for before interviewing writers.

However, it’s important to approach budget discussions with some flexibility and an open mind. An average writer may be able to produce several shorter blogs, while an expert writer may produce one long-form, highly researched blog. There are no right writers, so just determine what your preferences are as a business.

What is the best way to outsource blog content?

What is the best way to outsource blog content?

There are a few different ways to go about outsourcing your blog content and finding the best freelancer for your business.

Promote on social media

If your brand has a good presence, publishing a social media post or website banner asking for freelance writer submissions is an easy way to start looking for blog writers. If a writer already follows you, they’ll have a good sense of your brand and can adapt more quickly to your writing preferences.

Post in job boards or online groups

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have dedicated sections for job postings. Because of their employment focus, you can easily post a call for blog writers in these online groups or job boards and get a flurry of potential applications.

Partner with an agency

Another way to find quality writers is by partnering with an agency like ClearVoice. These agencies will discuss your needs (like project scope, writer preferences, budget, etc.) and vet candidates for you. The candidates that make their way to you are the best of the best, making the selection process much easier.

Start outsourcing your blog content

Start outsourcing your blog content

Blog writing is a necessity that will help your business bloom. If you lack the time to produce content, outsourcing blog posts to freelance writers is a fantastic way to receive consistent and professional quality content.

Before hiring a writer, determine your voice, subject, and compensation and make your expectations known. And if you find yourself needing a helping hand, partner up with an agency like ClearVoice to help you vet candidates and find the best writer suited for your brand.