Strategic landing page content that converts leads into full-fledged consumers helps both the business and the consumer.

By providing an enticing offer, using compelling copy, and functional design, a solid landing page not only helps you achieve your business goals, but it also helps consumers achieve their own goals.

What is a landing page?

What is a landing page?

In line with its name, a landing page is typically the page a consumer lands on after clicking on an ad for a product or service. A landing page can be any page on your website, or it can be a standalone page created for a specific marketing campaign.

Regardless of the type of page, the most important component of a landing page is how well it converts leads. In simple terms: How successful are you in getting potential consumers to do what you want them to do?

Best practices for building a landing page

There are several essential components to a landing page. Here are some of the most crucial best practice tips for building a landing page that converts.

Figure out your goal

When creating the best landing page content, the first thing you need to figure out is: What is your goal? What do you want your potential customer to do?

Here are just a few standard questions to help you decipher your landing page goals.

For this landing page, how do you want to better your business?

  • Increase sales?
  • Gain more clients?
  • Grow your newsletter?
  • Fill capacity for an event?
  • Establish yourself or your business as a resource?
  • Grow the number of users?

This goal will direct everything on your landing page. From the copy, to the images, to the call-to-action buttons scattered throughout the landing page, to the design, every piece of content should support the end goal you are trying to achieve.

Achieve your goal with an offer

Once you figure out your goal, it’s time to sweeten the deal with an offer. In order for a landing page to convert, both parties need to benefit.

To reach your business goal, you need potential leads to convert or complete an action. For potential consumers to complete this action, you need to provide them with something they deem valuable. This valuable token is your offer and will prompt what action the consumer needs to complete.

What kind of offers can I provide?

The offer you provide will largely depend on the niche goal of your landing page. Using the same list of business goals above, here are a few general ways to connect your goal with the offer or action the consumer needs to take.

  • Business goal: Increase sales >> Consumer action: Buy a product or service
  • Business goal: Gain more clients >> Consumer action: Book an appointment
  • Business goal: Grow your newsletter >> Consumer action: Subscribe with their email address
  • Business goal: Fill capacity for an event >> Consumer action: Register their attendance
  • Business goal: Establish yourself or your business as a resource >> Consumer action: Download your e-book
  • Business goal: Grow the numbers of users >> Consumer action: Sign up for a free trial

Let’s take a closer look at some juicy offers that can entice the pickiest of consumers.


HelloFresh is a meal delivery service where you can choose different recipes to try out, and all the pre-portioned ingredients will be delivered to your doorstep. HelloFresh offers various meal plans where you can customize food and nutrition preferences and how many recipes you want each week.

As a business, HelloFresh’s goal is to grow its subscriber count and as an introductory offer, new leads can try out HelloFresh by receiving 16 meals free (and three bonus surprises).

This offer reduces the stress of commitment and allows users to truly experience the convenience of the meal service in hopes that consumers will continue to subscribe once their free trial is complete.

HelloFresh landing page


Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is celebrity and singer Selena Gomez’s new makeup line. When you visit the website, a pop-up landing page appears onscreen offering a free mini mascara to those who subscribe to their emails.

The brand hopes the consumer likes the teaser product enough to try other products, while the email subscription allows Rare Beauty to frequently be in the user’s inbox and remind them of why they should buy more products.

Rare Beauty landing page

Create compelling landing page content

Creating a landing page that encourages potential leads to convert must have compelling copy. Landing page copy can slightly differ from the copy on your website or product description pages simply because it is usually shorter in length and has a specified goal.

Because your landing page revolves around this one defined purpose, the copy is more tailored to the niche goal you are trying to achieve. To beef up your landing page’s copy, here are a few aspects to incorporate.

Optimized headline

Create a great landing page title that is simple, enticing, and utilizes keywords related to your business.

Key features

What key features and details can your potential consumer look forward to? Listing out key features will set a realistic expectation of what they will receive when signing up for your offer. However, it’s important to write about your key features in a way that is digestible and interesting (see below!).

Concise description

While it’s important to list out some key features, it’s also important to make sure you are not just rattling out a yawn-worthy list of technical aspects, but are instead identifying your key features and translating them into how each feature will help the consumer solve a problem and better their life.

Use landing page design to help, not distract

If your customer can’t easily figure out what they’re supposed to do or what you provide on your landing page, you’ve lost the opportunity to convert. Don’t make your potential lead wade through novels of text.

Instead, make sure you utilize functional design as a tactic to enhance your content, not distract from it.

Here are some factors to keep in mind as you create your landing page.

Simplify text by turning them into visual points

Instead of writing a long and drawn-out paragraph on our landing page, we choose to highlight valuable aspects by turning them into simplified icons with minimal text.

Simplify text by turning them into visual points


Insert multiple call-to-action buttons

You never know at which point a potential lead will want to convert while scrolling through your landing page.

Insert multiple buttons throughout the entirety of the landing page to give the consumer multiple chances to easily click on the button and complete the desired action.

Taking a look at our HelloFresh example again, this one landing page has five buttons in various placements for consumers to easily click on and receive their free meals.

Insert multiple call-to-action buttons

Flaunt your fans

When it comes to creating a landing page that converts, use the opportunity to flaunt your fans. Sometimes, real-life reviews from real-life people are the best conversion catalysts.

As you build your landing page content, add a small section where you can highlight people’s positive reviews. Make sure to add a diversity of reviews from people of different backgrounds, ages, and genders that touch on an assortment of positive features related to your product or service.

Going back to our ClearVoice example, we selected a few positive reviews from real users who have worked with us before.

Flaunt your fans


Optimize your page

Speed matters. Let’s say you own a jewelry store, and your newest ad shows a glittering marquis-shaped diamond engagement ring. A browsing bride-to-be comes across your ad on a social platform and audibly gasps at the beauty of the ring.

She clicks on the ad and is taken to a landing page of the ring, but the page is taking forever to load.

She patiently waits, in hopes that this is the ring of her dreams! But after a long minute goes by, the ring’s hero image is still only partially loaded, leaving the bride-to-be’s interest fully disappointed.

From using keywords in your copy and optimizing visual images, your landing page should be fully optimized so users can focus on your landing page content and not on how poorly your landing page functions.

Ask for guidance, if needed

Nowadays, there are many landing page builders to help entrepreneurs and business owners get started. However, if building landing pages is simply out of your comfort zone or time allowance, smart marketers and business owners know when to outsource experts in order to get the best results.

If you know you need help with copy or landing page design, hire landing page writers or lead generation designers and strategists who can do the job—and do it well.

Get started

Constructing landing page content that converts boils down to how well you can entice your consumer, what value (or offer) you provide them, and how frequently potential leads turn into actual consumers.

Through compelling copy, easy-to-navigate design, and an optimized landing page, you can achieve your business goals while helping consumers achieve their own goals.

Get landing page content that informs and persuades your target audience to take the desired action. Our talented team of writers and SEO experts will craft copy that converts — and all you have to do is talk to a content specialist to get started.