We are thrilled to announce the launch of the ClearVoice partner program for creators, influencers, agencies, affiliates, and anyone who knows the content marketing industry. We are paying cash for referrals!

We are looking for clients from any industry who need content for their business. With over 200+ categories covered by our freelancers, we specialize in content creation, such as product descriptions, website copy, articles, white papers, and more.

Our managed content services are perfect for brands who:

  • Have an interest in outsourcing their content production.
  • Have a monthly or long-term budget for content. 
  • Require writers with industry experience.

Our customers include businesses of all sizes, SMBs to enterprise organizations, and agencies seeking to create quality content for their clients. We contact existing marketing departments for enterprise brands.

Why? Sometimes, they have larger content projects than the staff can accommodate, so we step in to help them complete their content campaigns. 

How do I get started?

How do I get started with the ClearVoice partner program?

It’s simple. You will submit your application by visiting our sign-up page. 

  1. Apply to our referral program.
  2. We review your application. 
  3. Upon approval, our team will provide you with a unique referral link you can share with prospective customers via social media or email marketing. So get creative!
  4. We review your referrals and determine if they are a good fit for our services. If they are, you get paid:
  • $250 for a sales-qualified lead.
  • $500 when a sales-qualified lead signs a deal with us. 
  • 10% commission from the customer’s project or subscription revenue up to 12 months.

The leads you refer to must be what ClearVoice considers a sales-qualified lead.

What does ClearVoice look for in a sales qualified lead?

What does ClearVoice look for in a sales-qualified lead?

A sales-qualified lead is a potential customer interested in outsourcing their content creation but doesn’t know where to start. These leads have a legitimate business with a verifiable LinkedIn company profile and a functioning website containing some content. 

What is the payment structure?

What is the payment structure?

The payment structure for the ClearVoice partner program includes earning credit for referrals, signing contracts, and 10% commission for the first year.*

$250 bonus 

When a lead becomes sales qualified, they have passed our initial sales screening and completed an appointment with a member of our sales team. 

$500 bonus 

When your sales-qualified lead signs a contract and closes with ClearVoice, you will receive your $500 bonus.

10% commission 

You will earn 10% commission from the customer’s project or subscription revenue for up to 12 months of the customer’s contract. Customers can choose to pay their contract by subscription or upfront. You will receive 10% of their total upfront payment or 10% of their monthly subscription for up to 12 months.

What can I expect after signing up?

What can I expect after signing up?

Once you are approved for the ClearVoice partner program, sign in to your account and explore the resources section. Get to know how ClearVoice works, download social media assets, and discover how the partner program works.

Be sure to watch your inbox for confirmations and onboarding. We will make sure you get everything you need to get started. We will also keep you posted when we receive your lead so you don’t miss out.

*Terms and conditions are eligible to change at the discretion of ClearVoice by Fiverr.

If you need content creation services, ClearVoice can help. Our expert team of writers can produce high-quality blog posts, ebooks, social media content, web copy, and much more. Talk to a content specialist today to get started.