There are multiple ways you can reshare a post on Instagram. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to reshare a post on Instagram via a Repost sharing app:

1.  Find the picture you’d like to repost.

2. Make sure to ask permission prior to sharing the photo.

3. Tap on the three dots ‘…’ icon next to the image in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Tap ‘Copy Share URL.’

5. Open the Repost sharing app on your phone.

6. Tap the ‘Repost’ button, and choose whether or not you want to share on feed or story.

According to eMarketer’s research, Instagram will have 26.9 million users join the platform by 2020 with a projected growth of 4.5 percent from the previous year. With so many users, there is an overflowing amount of content that is being distributed. With options for feeds, stories, highlights, and direct messages, Instagram has become a platform that has flourished for brands, influencers, and users looking to connect with businesses and friends.

Instagram is known for its visuals, photos that are posted and shared on an individual’s feeds and stories. From travel photos to product photos and videos that range from tutorials to behind-the-scenes footage, it’s no wonder it’s forecasted that 73.2 percent of U.S. marketers will use Instagram this year.

With similar functionalities like Snapchat, Instagram allows individuals to post stories that last for 24 hours. Individuals can choose to archive these stories or save them to highlights, which live on your profile, under your bio.

This platform also allows you to create brand awareness. With options to include your website and paid advertisement, Instagram encourages click-through actions, like clicking to a website, purchasing a product through Instagram, commenting or following your Instagram business page, or sharing or reposting a photo on your feed to their personal feed or story.

With so many users and businesses that have an Instagram profile, it’s important to create a social strategy. In addition to creating new content, it’s also important to curate content. For Instagram, this can be the process of reposting or resharing other individuals’ posts.

What is the process of reposting or resharing on Instagram?

So, what is the process of reposting or resharing on Instagram?

Also known as regramming, a regram involves the process of sharing another account’s Instagram post to your own Instagram feed or story. Which involves reposting and/or resharing a particular post or story on Instagram to your own profile. Please note, that based on Instagram’s Terms of Use.

In order to share another individual’s content that is not your own, you need to obtain written permission for you to repurpose the content. You can do this by commenting on the image and asking, or by sending them an Instagram direct message. Make sure you receive consent to use the photo prior to posting on your own feed. Most individuals will agree to allow you to share their post with “photo credit” by tagging them in the photo and in the copy description of the post.

Why should you regram on your Instagram?

Reposting from an Instagram account that shares similar interests helps strengthen your credibility, user trust, brand identity, authenticity, and relatability. All crucial elements in improving your brand awareness and content strategy. Include re-posting as part of your curated content, and make sure to abide by Instagram’s guidelines and ask for photo sharing permission.

For example, on our ClearVoice Instagram feed, we love to share photos of our freelancers. Since they work from all over the world, we’re able to showcase how versatile it can be when you work remotely. It’s not just a lifestyle that we might be portraying, but through regramming, you are creating a narrative, where other freelancers who are on Instagram can feel inspired and motivated.

Additionally, those freelancer followers on their Instagram will see that ClearVoice is a great platform to receive writing opportunities, which you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

ClearVoice Instagram feedClearVoice Instagram feed

Through reposting other posts that align with your brand messaging, it encourages your users to produce more original content. According to global research company Ipsos, “user-generated content is also 20 percent more influential when it comes to purchasing and 35 percent more memorable than other types of media.”

Receive extra credibility when you regram on Instagram.

When your users share posts and tag your brand, they become brand ambassadors for your business. Sharing your followers’ posts is highly encouraged. When they tag your profile, that means they are providing you extra credibility, but also hoping that you will reshare their post in return. Therefore, both parties benefit from additional social exposure. It is almost like a mutual benefit for each individual and saying “thank you!” with a repost.

For example, you are a retail brand, and your customers are posting photos on their Instagram feed and story of the new pair of jeans, shirts, and accessories that they purchased. Share this on your story and feed because it shows customers loving and reviewing your product!

How to reshare a post on your Instagram story

Similar to Twitter’s retweet and Facebook’s share option, Instagram has a share icon on posts, that allow you to share a post with another friend or to your own Instagram story. The functionalities are definitely different than Twitter and Facebook and on desktop and mobile.

On your desktop, follow these steps to share a post on your Instagram story:

  • Log into your Instagram account.
  • Find the photo you would like to share.
  • Click the following icon that looks like a paper plane.
  • Afterward, it will provide you the following options to share to different platforms.
  • Based on where you would like to share the following post, select that option, and it will open up another browser and add the Instagram link that you are sharing.

Resharing the following postSharing options
On mobile, the functionalities are slightly different:

1. Find a post you’d like to share.

Same as the desktop view, click the icon that looks like a paper airplane.

mobile find share airplane icon

2. Choose who you want to send the post to.

After you click the icon, you will have the option to “Add post to your story” or send it to other friends who are on the list.

Mobile add post to your Instagram story

3. Add it to your Instagram story.

Once you click “Add post to your story” on the lower left-hand corner where your profile icon is with the “Your Story” icon, it will be added to your story.

"your story" icon on mobile

What if you want to regram a photo to your feed?

There are multiple tools that allow you to save another user’s photo and upload it to your personal Instagram feed via mobile. After you have received permission to share the photo, you can take a screenshot of the photo you would like to share, crop and edit it accordingly, and upload it to your feed as a regular post.

Steps for using the repost app:

1. After you have chosen the post you want, select the […] icon on the top right of the post.

[...] icon on the top right of the post

2. After clicking the […] icon you will receive the following options. Click the “Copy Link” option.

“Copy Link” option

3. Open your repost app for Instagram. You will see the following post you just copied the link for. Select the post in your repost app feed.

4. It will provide you multiple options for copy. You can edit the copy directly within the repost app or on the Instagram platform. Click the “Repost” icon.

Click the “Repost” icon

5. The following options will be presented: 1. Repost to your Story (full screen), 2. Repost to Story (normal), 3. Repost to Feed. Choose the third option.

3. Repost to Feed.

6. Once you have selected the “Repost to Feed” option, choose the feed option, which will automatically open up your Instagram app with the post.

choose the feed option

Voila! Now you know how to regram to your story and your feed via desktop and mobile.

How to incorporate regramming into your strategy

You now have the tools to regram on Instagram. So, how do you incorporate this into your content strategy? When establishing your content strategy you want a balance of original content and curated content.

This content can be user-generated-content (UGC), which brands see as word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing from your loyal customers. UGC content is seen as authentic, and followers of those individuals trust the content that is being pushed out on their profiles. Thus, when you are tagged in a post by a loyal follower, you can share that content and show that you are a brand that their followers can trust and it gives you more credibility as a brand.

Consider regramming to both your story and feed. Take into consideration where your audience is and engage with them on either the story or the feed. Also, think about the asset you are sharing. If it resonates better on story, then it would be best to share it there; however, if it transpires better on an individual’s feed, and works well with your Instagram grid, then share it to your feed.

Start sharing, reposting, regramming, and showcasing all the love on Instagram.

With a social strategy in place for Instagram with a good mix of curated and created content, you can increase your brand awareness and showcase your product through loyal customers.

Through reposting or regramming on either your Instagram story or your feed, you can craft a narrative for your followers. Perhaps you want to showcase “Client Testimonials” or “Behind-the-Scenes” at a music concert, through sharing individuals posts or stories around your product or music band, you are putting together pieces of a puzzle to better showcase who you are to your followers.