Whether you’re an aspiring hoarder or just have a few things that need to reside outside your residence, SpareFoot is the largest online marketplace that makes moving and reserving storage space “the easiest thing to cross off your to-do list.”

Be it for a box, a boat or even a boatload of stuff.

But to make things truly easy for customers, you need to find the right partner to make life easier on the production side. Enter SpareFoot web editor Alexander Harris, who is constantly navigating content channels at SpareFoot, including the site’s daily blog content, the SpareFoot Storage Beat and the SpareFoot Moving Guide. In his pursuit of excellence, Harris regularly uses ClearVoice to streamline his processes and make his day-to-day activities more efficient. This has ultimately made this web content editor… content.

Harris took a few minutes to explain how ClearVoice has become a huge help.


According to Harris, one of his biggest challenges at SpareFoot is the constant churn that comes with “managing about a dozen freelancers” in addition to “dispatching and receiving assignments via email.” In order to offset what has become a “time-consuming and tedious task,” Harris sought a solution that helped him find a way to “streamline that process and at the same time, manage multiple editorial calendars in one place.”


In his pursuit of this solution, Harris found a sweet spot using ClearVoice. According to Harris, ClearVoice helped “create accounts for [his] freelance team. And using the platform, [he] could dispatch assignments to them directly. This made coordinating assignments much easier.”

But the path to greater productivity isn’t always a seamless process. That’s why Harris specifically appreciated the “User Teams” function that allowed him to send assignments on a “first-come first-serve” basis when he wasn’t sure which freelancer would be interested in writing on a particular topic. “Additional features such as sending out a ‘Pitch Request’ has allowed me to solicit ideas from writers directly, which saves me more time when planning content,” Harris concludes.


Given this daily juggling act, Harris is grateful that ClearVoice helps him stay on his A-game. “Using ClearVoice has made it much easier to coordinate with my team at every level, from pitching to notifying that their work was published. This saves me an enormous amount of time and gives me more bandwidth for other projects that I would not be able to handle otherwise.”

By providing a streamlined hub for all things content-related for Harris, ClearVoice has become an invaluable partner leading to better quality content (instead of just quantity). It has even helped free up Harris to “plan content further in advance as well,” which has helped him win back time to continue his side gig reading video taglines for SpareFoot’s new mascot, Your Stuff.
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