Promoting a company takes special skills. Some businesses hire freelance marketers for expert help while saving time and money.

Freelancers can improve your company’s brand awareness, which attracts more business opportunities.

But what services can you expect from freelance marketers? And how much should their services cost?

In this article, we’ll explore how to find freelance marketers and their pros and cons.

What is freelance marketing?

What is freelance marketing?

Freelance marketing enables companies to work with flexible marketers. These professionals attract customers and nurture business relationships as needed.

Freelance marketers can provide specialized marketing services, including:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Affiliate
  • Product
  • Video
  • Website
  • Performance

According to a 2021 MarketerHire survey of over 600 U.S. marketers., 80% had worked with a freelance marketer. The same group outsourced 46% of its marketing tasks.

Businesses can hire freelance marketers for several roles. A freelance marketer can handle your company’s marketing or specific consultation services. Their involvement depends on how much time and money you invest in them.

How do you find freelance marketers?

How do you find freelance marketers?

When seeking freelance marketers, it’s essential to first clarify your marketing goals. This helps determine the skillsets you need from your freelancer.

Some freelancers you may need for your marketing campaigns include:

  • Freelance writers
  • Freelance graphic designers
  • Freelance app developers
  • Freelance project managers

Once you determine the freelancers you need, they can find them on:

  • Freelance job sites: Freelance websites are the ideal places to hire freelance marketers. Be sure to work with a top site like ClearVoice that vets and manages its freelancers. This ensures you only work with proven professionals.
  • Online freelancer communities: Freelance marketers network on Facebook groups and in Slack communities. Engage in these communities to find qualified freelance marketers.
  • Your staff: Members of your team might have freelance marketing experience. Or, they may know marketers that freelance.
  • Colleges and universities: Colleges are full of talented, eager young professionals looking to build their portfolios.

Freelancer Marketers Cost

How much do freelance marketers cost?

When you’re looking for a freelance marketer, consider your budget. If a freelancer charges $15 an hour (or less!), there’s a good chance they don’t have the skills or experience you need. Freelancers with strong track records tend to have higher rates.

According to Entrepreneur, average rates range from $50 to $100 an hour.

Be sure to agree on what constitutes billable hours. Hourly rates could depend on research, meetings, travel time, and other variables. Some freelancers use a per-project rate. In these cases, you’ll need to define your marketing KPIs.

Some freelancers specialize in specific types of marketing work.

For example, a freelance marketer that specializes in writing may not have analytics expertise. This is why you need to establish what you’re paying them for. Review freelancers’ portfolios for work they’ve done for clients in the past. Don’t forget to read client testimonials!

Pros and cons of hiring freelance marketers

Pros and cons of hiring freelance marketers


  1. Flexibility to hire as needed: You can hire a freelancer to consult on a single campaign. Alternatively, you can use writers, designers, and developers on a project-by-project basis.
  2. Niche marketing services: You can hire marketers specializing in social media or email marketing. This is useful if your regular staff isn’t accustomed to working in those areas.
  3. Freelancers can be good for your budget: Freelancers don’t usually get benefits like full-time employees. This might make freelancers a cheaper alternative to full-timers. Additionally, professional freelance marketers often work more efficiently.


  1. Less stability: Freelance marketers don’t typically offer the stability of full-time staff. Freelancers with busy schedules might not be able to accept all the assignments you send them. Hiring multiple freelancers might result in inconsistent quality since each freelancer may not be able to match your brand style.
  2. False advertising: It’s essential to research before hiring someone to help. Only work with freelancers from reliable, vetted sources with a reputation for delivering on their promises.

Moving forward

Moving forward

Freelance marketers could craft marketing campaigns for less money. They can also enhance existing marketing efforts for quick course corrections.

Be sure to use only reputable freelance websites to find marketers.

Take the time to craft detailed guidelines for each marketing job. The clearer you communicate your marketing goals to a freelancer, the faster they can help your organization.

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