Pitching isn’t one-size-fits-all. Each approach will vary per client, since some ask for specialized information depending on the category, audience or campaign you’re targeting. This template is a general guideline, but you can customize it to fit the requirements for any client you’re pitching. Also read Angela Tague’s post with examples of real-life pitches, if you want to boost your chances of success.

Elements of a Basic Article Pitch

Proposed Article Title: Create something catchy that could be used for the headline. Keep keywords and requested subjects in mind as you craft this section. Consider including two or three titles, to show various directions the topic could go.

Suggest Keywords: Although most marketers will generate keywords after accepting a pitch, consider doing a little leg work and make suggestions. Sometimes a client will ask for pitches based on keywords they hope to target. If that’s the case, include them here.

Audience: List the specific persona(s) or level of reader here.

Summary: Keep this concise. Pitch reviewers simply don’t have time to read more than a paragraph or two. Focus on the angle you’re taking and summarize the key points you plan to make. Consider including a list of subheads to indicate the article flow and topics all at once.

Turnaround Time: Note the approximate amount time it would take you to complete the assignment once your pitch is accepted. Giving the client an estimated turnaround time helps them prioritize. It also signals to them that you’ve thought through your idea — and can deliver it.

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