What are Google sitelinks? Google sitelinks are links that appear underneath a search result to your content. They increase the chances that someone will click through to your website and pay for your product.

When a potential customer searches for your website, you want your content to take up as much space on the results page as possible. Enter sitelinks. Google sitelinks appear underneath a search result as two, four, or six links to other content on your site.

They increase the chances that someone will click through to your website and pay for your product.

Let’s explore how best to use sitelinks to raise your web traffic.

What are Google sitelinks?

What are Google sitelinks?

We all know that having links to your content far and wide in the online world is vital to spreading the word about your business. Sitelinks are no different.

A set of sitelinks is basically a group of subheadings in a Google search result that helps readers find their way around your site. Six is the maximum number (and the goal), but Google may display only two or four links. Only the first result for a keyword gets sitelinks.

The act of pulling sitelinks to display is automated by Google’s algorithms. Thus, you’ll need to build your website structure in a way that Google can easily understand and pull out relevant links. One way to help your chances is by having good anchor text for your website’s links.

How sitelinks could work for your company

An example might help you to better understand sitelinks and their function. Let’s say you run a website design company, and someone searches for your business online. If your company’s search result contains sitelinks — and is the first to appear on the page — two to six links to other pages on your website would appear under your company’s name.

These links might be for web pages like:

  • About Our Team
  • Services We Offer
  • Blog
  • Web Design News of the Month

One thing to note: You can’t pick which links appear as your company’s sitelinks. The algorithm does that for you. You might be happy with all the links except Web Design News of the Month in this instance. This might be an outdated blog post that you wouldn’t typically choose to highlight.

Sitelink attributes

Sitelink attributes

Having sitelinks is like having an article placed above the fold in the newspaper — they allow your result to take up half of the searcher’s page. Higher visibility is always a plus. Plus, they push down the competition’s content, making the searcher more likely to click on your site.

Sitelinks also give your search result more credibility since they show that you have a lot of content relevant to the search, rather than a one-off blog post.

What content are sitelinks used for?

You can have either paid sitelinks with an ad campaign or organic sitelinks. They mostly appear with branded content. This content can be anything from a specific company to a website to a newspaper or magazine.

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