With the many distractions in today’s busy work environment, getting in the zone is often easier said than done. A meeting here — an email there. There’s always something.

But that’s why we reached out to some of our most active ClearVoicers to see what keeps their foot on the pedal when it comes to great quality content. We’ve come up with the perfect ClearVoicer Spotify playlist for those of you looking to step away from the daily hustle of fast response times and tap into the intuition that makes your work thrive. Here’s what our network came up with.

What are ClearVoicers listening to while they work?

This is the music freelance writers listen to while they work to stay productive.

Rain Sounds — Playlist

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Here’s my favorite song to write to: Rain Sounds (anything on Youtube or Spotify). I can’t write when songs and lyrics are playing, so instead, I throw on my headphones and find rain sounds that echo off the mountains or patter against tin roofs. The tone helps me forget about deadlines and distractions. Hours will go by and the words flow faster than rainfall.

Chase Maser, Content Strategist and Managing Editor

“So Cold” by Mahalo, DLMT

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I usually listen to Focus@Will when I really need to pay attention. I use their “Water” and “Focus Spa” channels. I’m an EDM fan (electronic dance music). When I’ve needed a boost this Summer, listening to “So Cold” by Mahalo x DLMT helped. I don’t usually listen to anything with lyrics while I’m working, but this song isn’t too distracting to me. It’s a bit ethereal and feels like a mini-vacation from deadlines and edits.

Kaitlin Morrison, Writer for B2B SaaS

“Orinoco Flow” by Enya

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My go-to is Orinoco Flow by Enya. It puts me in a slightly dreamy, highly creative flow state, and any anxieties I have just melt away.

Lisa Fritscher, Writer, Editor and Content Manager

Spotify playlists that keep freelancers focused and creative while they work.

“Through the Window” by Violens

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My favorite song to work with is “Through the Window” by Violens from their album True. I love this song for its soothing effect because it’s subtle yet compelling enough to help me tap into my creative being.

Gabriel Marquez Scott, Fashion Writer and Translator

“Olsen Olsen” by Sigur Ros

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Hard to choose a favorite song!

Thom Tracy, Finance, Real Estate and Business Writer

“Hoppipolla” by Sigur Ros

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It gets me in the zone because of how hauntingly beautiful it is — I feel like I’m flying through the clouds, and needless to say, that’s quite a motivational feeling.

Kristy Snyder, Writer

Music that helps writers focus while they're working.

“Instrument” by Wye Oak

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The synths just smack you awake at the start, and the quick shuffle of the beat just gets me in the zone to start writing. It gets you moving and doesn’t get in the way.

Luke Daugherty, Content Marketer and Ghostwriter

“This is a love story.” by Nohidea

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I love the sounds of rain and the soothing beat in this instrumental track. It lets me stay focused and keeps me feeling fresh and creative!

Shea Lenniger, Content Strategist and Writer

Harry Potter Ambient Mix — Playlist

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I always start my work session off with The Calm Ambient Harry Potter Mix by Syneptic. It helps me channel my inner Ravenclaw.

Nina Kulenkampff, Editor and Writer

Doctor by Sabo & Billy Caso

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Thought it’s on the Summer Sol II compilation, this track is year-round perfection. The warm bass and cross-genre accents make me feel like I’m hanging out under tropical, moonlit skies — even at my desk. And its overall chill-meets-danceable vibe is perfect for getting into the (write) groove, no matter where you are.

Jill Blackford, Strategic Travel and Brand Copywriter

Freelancers, what’s on your playlist?

What’s on your productivity playlist? Freelancers, share the music that gets you in the zone and check out what other creatives are listening to while you’re at it!