Creating content vs. curating content are two different approaches to content marketing. The key is to strike a balance that aligns with your goals, audiences, and available resources.

We’ve put these two approaches head to head to help you understand the differences and see how they both fit within your content strategy.

Created vs. Curated: The Breakdown

Let’s break down the differences between created vs. curated content, so you know how to best optimize your content strategy.


The content you create and choose both say something about your brand. Created content establishes authority and originality, while curated develops industry relationships.

  • Created
    • Establishes originality and thought leadership.
    • Better reflects your brand voice and expertise.
  • Curated
    • Demonstrates your brand judgment, which builds trust.
    • Helps your brand build relationships with other industry leaders.

Time and Pace

Creating content is a high investment with potential ROI but is also high risk. Balancing what you must create with curated materials helps you set a better publishing pace.

  • Created
    • Requires more time and effort.
    • Resource-intensive with the potential for high rewards in terms of engagement and brand authority.
  • Curated
    • More time-efficient.
    • May not direct as much organic traffic to your site.


Creating content demonstrates your team’s expertise, while curated content diversifies your perspective without hiring additional writers.

  • Created
    • Allows you to showcase your expertise and present your unique insights or solutions to your audience.
  • Curated
    • Provides diverse perspectives and insights from different sources.
    • Adds depth and credibility to your content strategy.


Creating content helps support SEO strategies, while curated content allows you to borrow from the curated creator’s audience.

  • Created
    • Can be optimized for specific keywords.
    • Improves a website’s SEO, helping you better search engine ranking.
  • Curated
    • Fewer SEO benefits but can lead to other organic traffic through proper linking and audience sharing.

How to Build the Right Balance Between Created vs. Curated

Building the right balance of created content and curated content allows you to maintain a consistent flow of content, save time and resources, and provide your audience with a well-rounded experience.

Whichever pathway you choose, ClearVoice can help make it happen!

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