Welcome to the ClearVoice Team Spotlight video series! 

In these videos, we peek behind the curtain and talk to some of the rockstars that make our ClearVoice team what it is. 

Jeff Cook: General Manager

In this ClearVoice Team Spotlight episode, Jeff Cook, our General Manager, takes center stage! Jeff offers an in-depth perspective on his leadership style. We talk about his day-to-day role, including: 

  • Setting the overall vision and strategy of the organization.
  • Being the primary financial steward of top-line and bottom-line revenue.
  • Ensuring we’re as healthy and effective as possible for customers. 

Jeff also dives into his leadership philosophy (Shout out, Ted Lasso!). He talks about the three things any great leader needs in today’s world: 

  • Inclusion and transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment

Then, we discuss what excites him most about the current marketing landscape. Jeff highlights the creativity of doing more with less, the power of fractional teams, and being at the precipice of the “Flex function” evolution.

Finally, we explore the pride Jeff feels around developing Emotional IQ as a leader and how the ability to adapt and motivate on an individual and situational basis is essential for any aspiring leader. 

Jeff’s ClearVoice Questionnaire

We wrap up our conversation with Jeff by having him take our ClearVoice Questionnaire! He talks about the power of asking questions and how having time with his kids in the morning sets up his day for success. Then, he emphasizes the importance of not sweating the small stuff. 

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