Producing quality content consistently can be a challenge for many marketing teams.

That’s why at ClearVoice, we’ve developed an onboarding process to set your content production on that path to success.

How ClearVoice Onboarding Works

At ClearVoice, we are your partners from day one. We make it easy to get started with these four simple steps.

Step 1: Kicking Off Powerfully

Any good content partnership starts with understanding your brand and content marketing goals so we can curate the right freelance team for your needs.

The onboarding process begins the moment you sign your agreement. To kick off, we’ll ask you to share all the essential information about your content preferences—from voice and tone to details like whether or not your brand uses the Oxford comma.

We’ll also organize a partnership kickoff where our teams meet and align on your content goals, content plan, and next steps.

With this foundation in place, our team will start curating your freelance content team, setting up your account and brand profile, and brainstorming ideas to fulfill your content plan.

Step 2: Aligning to Your Content Goals

ClearVoice may be your ideas machine, but we always want to work with you to ensure the topics are aligned with your content and business goals.

That’s why, as part of our onboarding process, we have a focused content alignment phase to review the first two to three months of topics our team has ideated for your content plan.

During this phase, our team will share the ideated topics for your review, where you can provide feedback or approve topics that we can move into production.

Once we have your approved topics, our editorial team will create assignment briefs to kickstart your content production.

Keep in mind that our team ideates more topics than necessary for the first month so that we have a bank ready for the next few months of production. That way, if you get busy and don’t have time to review ideation regularly, we can keep working to ensure your content production stays on track.

Step 3: Producing Your First Assignments

While your content is in production, you can focus on other marketing initiatives. Our team will keep the process moving while maintaining quality.

When your content is ready for review, we will train your team on our proprietary ClearVoice platform. This allows you to review each piece, provide helpful feedback, and communicate with your freelance team if necessary.

And once you’re trained within the platform, your team can track your content plan’s progress through our easy-to-use dashboards.

Step 4: Approving Your Content

Once each assignment goes through the necessary revisions, you’ll be able to approve each piece through the ClearVoice platform. This step ensures that the freelancer gets paid for their work and also prepares a final version that you can download or publish directly to your site through our CMS integration.

Once your first month of content is approved, our team dispatches the next round of assignments in alignment with your production schedule so your content pipeline stays filled with relevant, engaging content for your marketing channels.

After 30 days, we’ll meet with your team for a check-in to gather any overarching feedback on the initial pieces to make future assignments even better.

Ready to Get Started?

The ClearVoice team provides easy onboarding and ongoing support, no matter the scale of your content needs.

To learn more, talk to a content specialist today!