Next time your dog falls over chasing his own tail, don’t laugh. Instead take note. Better yet, take video, upload it, and bask in its viral glory. Don’t overlook the digital marketing prowess of seemingly simple-minded pooches. Furry sidekicks are actually inherent thought-leadership gurus.

Of the many ways to describe content marketing roles, canines are clearly the choice spirit animal. Just as dog breeds vary by characteristic, content marketers can be classified by varied skill sets too. To be best in show, assemble a pack of winners comprised of these content marketing traits.

Influence like a Pomeranian

Top Dogs

The role of the influencer is about more than utilizing online popularity. Just ask Boo, the cutest dog in the world. Once upon a time, Boo was just your average cute dog with a teddy bear ‘do. Today, with more than 17 million Facebook fans, Boo is a well-respected thought leader in the thriving adorable dog industry.

Successful influencers like Boo (and brother, Buddy) know that establishing a loyal following takes more than a pretty face, a stylish wardrobe and A-list status. You need to develop a distinctive voice, one that your audience can relate to, and shout it from the virtual rooftop.

The analytical shepherd

your content team reimagined as dogs








With a nose for tracking content assets, a knack for herding prospects through the sales funnel and the ability to measure ROI with animalistic rigor, analytical-minded marketers tackle measurement strategies with the systematic focus of a German shepherd. Solid content without the analytics to prove its value is time and money down the drain.

Like the German shepherd, data-driven marketers need to pack both brain and brawn to understand the importance of producing strong content. They also should have the smarts to measure results and draw conclusions to grow business revenue.


Prose and the pug

content marketing dogs








A pug’s breed-indicative features are no accident. Every wrinkle, every corkscrew curl of the tail is by design, giving each dog his own personal story. Like the pug, content creators are equipped with storytelling clout drawn from attention to detail. Solid content cannot exist without content writers and editors who understand that grammar, spelling and writing skills are everything.

Good content evokes emotion just as one look at the scrunchy-nosed pug makes one feel happy, joyful and, for some, even panic and disgust. These quirky clown dogs will not be ignored. Like quality content, they beg to be seen, shared and praised.

Point(er) and click

content marketing dogs








Pointers were bred to direct hunters toward a prized target in otherwise pheasant-filled pastures. Similarly, SEOs are the top dogs of optimizing content to increase its discovery in a search crowded with otherwise irrelevant information. No content marketing team is complete without the SEO. Optimization guru’s sniff out keyword phrases that organically drive targeted search traffic and capture conversions, making it easy for your audience to pull the trigger on the products and services it seeks.

In the world of content marketing, we don’t all have to be purebreds. In fact, marketing mutts are encouraged, highly regarded and equally loved. But, we can’t all be the best at everything. Hone in on the traits that best resonate with you and always make room to acquire new skills.