Welcome to our Behind the Byline interview series! We’re taking a peek behind the curtain at some of the fantastic writers and creators who contribute to our team at ClearVoice.

In this episode of Behind The Byline, we introduce Jacqueline Zote, a seasoned freelance writer whose versatile approach to content marketing has made her a pivotal figure in the industry.

With over five years as a steadfast contributor for ClearVoice, Jacqueline dives deep into her journey from an in-house writer to a thriving freelance professional, offering invaluable insights into the dynamic nature of content creation.

Jacqueline Zote: Freelance Writer

Based in India, Jacqueline has harnessed her acute observation of current platform and content trends to tailor her communication strategies, ensuring they resonate deeply with diverse client and customer bases. Her accidental foray into content marketing has since evolved into a passionate career, underpinned by a commitment to continuous learning and adaptability.

Throughout the interview, Jacqueline sheds light on her unique ability to assess and adapt to the myriad forms of content that captivate audiences across various platforms. This skill has enriched her freelance writing ventures and allowed her to provide her clients with cutting-edge content solutions that drive engagement and results.

She covers everything from:

  • What got her into content marketing
  • How she transitioned into freelancing
  • Researching topics
  • Tailoring her content to a specific audience
  • Adapting her communication style based on the client
  • Finding the balance between her authentic voice and a brand voice
  • The importance of storytelling
  • Her future goals

Jacqueline’s ClearVoice Questionnaire

Watch as Jacqueline takes the CV Questionnaire! She talks about the most used app on her phone – Instagram. Then she talks about her love of cooking pasta and her love of water over coffee!

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