Freelance writing is a unique industry. Many individuals work for agencies or directly with companies of all sizes. You can try many different specialties depending on your skill set, knowledge, and experience.

One of the most rewarding is B2B copywriting. B2B copywriters tend to be some of the most prolific. They work with brands and organizations trying to appeal to business customers with content.

Since there are hundreds of millions of companies worldwide, that’s a pretty broad market! However, getting started in B2B copywriting isn’t as simple as opening up your laptop and beginning to write.

B2B copywriters must understand the basics of marketing and sales. They must become adept at creating copy that generates awareness, attracts leads, and creates a meaningful customer experience.

All without relying on cliches, jargon, or false claims, most successful B2B copywriters pick a niche (or a few) and build up their skills in these areas.

What does a B2B copywriter do?

What does a B2B copywriter do?

A B2B copywriter is a writer who focuses on creating content that businesses use to attract and retain other business customers. This is different than the work offered by B2C copywriters, who focus on creating content for brands that market directly to consumers.

When a B2B copywriter gets started on an assignment, their first goal is to understand their target audience. In B2B copywriting, as in all other types of content marketing, developing great buyer personas is critical.

These personas are fictionalized individuals who fit the template of a person who may want to engage in your services.

Once the writer fully understands their audience with the help of these buyer personas, their task is to research, write, and edit clear and straightforward content that speaks to that audience and helps to accomplish the company’s goals.

Some common goals for B2B content include:

  • Answering the reader’s questions.
  • Selling a product.
  • Helping the reader solve a problem.
  • Addressing potential barriers to sales.
  • Increasing awareness of a product or brand.

Like all eCommerce content, any B2B content you produce must be designed to achieve specific goals.

Once the content has been written, the B2B copywriter works with client stakeholders to ensure the brand voice is maintained, SEO keywords are used in a relevant way, and the content is optimized for conversions.

How do I find my niche as a freelance writer?

How do I find my niche as a freelance writer?

A niche can help set you apart as a freelance writer. It signals to potential clients that you have expertise in their area of preference and helps demonstrate that you know how to craft well-written content.

It can also help you earn a higher fee, as specialists can charge more than generalists for their work.

You wonder ‘how to find your niche as a copywriter?’ Unfortunately, it’s not solely about your areas of interest, although this should be factored into your decision.

The best way to find a copywriting niche is to take stock of your writing work and your career so far, with a particular focus on your:

  • Education.
  • Professional training.
  • Career history.
  • Hobbies and interests.
  • Current lifestyle.

If you have professional training, an educational background, or a career history in one area, that’s a pretty great candidate for your niche.

The top B2B copywriting niches of 2022

The top B2B copywriting niches of 2022

While every copywriter deserves to enjoy their job and write about what they love, the reality is some niches pay more than others. These niches can usually be found in growing industries or fields where a high degree of technical skill is required.

Niche trends also come and go. Travel blogging is a great example – so many writers monetized their travel blogs in the late 2010s, but this industry took a sharp dip as the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered the tourism and hospitality industry for months.

To ensure you’re selecting a niche that both works for you and will be profitable, let’s explore some of today’s most popular B2B copywriting niches.

AI and machine learning

So many businesses are starting to explore the possibilities offered by AI and machine learning technologies. Writing B2B content for these businesses requires extensive knowledge of related tools, applicable algorithms, and the history of this field.

If you’re familiar with natural language processing, deep learning, and algorithmic methods, this might be the niche for you.


Cybersecurity issues have been growing in frequency and severity for years; unfortunately, no business is safe. This may be a profitable niche for you if you have an education or career background in IT, network systems architecture, or security software.


Cryptocurrency usage and transactions have dramatically increased over the last two years. If you are knowledgeable in this area, cryptocurrency’s ongoing volatility and newsworthy twists and turns will keep your niche sought-after for years to come.

Shipping and logistics

The ongoing logistical snarls caused by the pandemic have put the shipping and transportation industry front and center, as many businesses strive to provide support.

This is a niche worth pursuing if you’re familiar with the supply chain and can write interesting, well-informed content for companies in this industry.

Health and wellness

With the advent of the pandemic, health and wellness have taken on a whole new level of importance. There are many opportunities for B2B copywriters in this niche, ranging from software start-ups in the health and wellness space to doctors’ offices, insurance providers, and so much more.

Market your B2B copywriting services with ClearVoice

Market your B2B copywriting services with ClearVoice

Choosing a niche is only the first step. B2B copywriters who want to build a profitable business must market their skills and get hired for projects.

Typically, this involves applying for jobs, cold emailing, reaching out to prospects on social sites like LinkedIn, and developing a portfolio of work to demonstrate your skills.

At ClearVoice, we offer B2B copywriters of all niches the opportunity to make a beautiful writing portfolio for free. Even better, your CV portfolio will be shared with all the clients in our network, who can get in touch when they need your services.