Valentine’s Day is about expressing love, whether it is for your special someone, your family, or your friends. All kinds of love deserve to be celebrated on this day. This year, my love for graphic and web design warrants its own recognition.

5 Graphic design trends for 2020 you should know.

My love for design constantly evolves by staying on top of current design trends. It helps me reignite my love and passion for my craft. As a designer, staying inspired is a crucial part of my creative process. There is always something new and fresh to learn.


5 Current 2020 design trends that spark joy in my heart this Valentine’s Day!

Graphic design trends: layers and shadows.
Screenshot source: Bells & Whistles


1. Layers and shadows

This trend creates room for depth in design. The real estate expands for even more elements to be stacked or interact in new and interesting ways. Use shadows as an illusion to bring a 3D effect to the design. It is a subtle yet effective way to make elements stand out.

I love this trend and use it in my everyday designs. It helps me elevate my simple illustration style. Play around with angles and shapes. Think in layers and really spruce up any design!


2020 Graphic design trends: combining photography and graphics.
Screenshot source: Studio Output


2. Combining photography and graphics

In similarity to layers and shadows, combining photography and graphics can bring a fresh look. It plays with the interaction between real life and illustrative elements, which creates an entirely new sense of reality.

The door to creativity is swung wide open with this one. Go bold or go subtle, the possibilities are endless. Think about how your graphic elements can interact with the physical world!


2020 Graphic design trends: animation.
Screenshot source: Bloom


3. Animation

Bring movement to your designs with animation. Many websites are starting to implement subtle animations to elevate their design. This can range from subtle icon animation to larger illustrated scenes to the way the page loads.

I am inspired by the way Bloom utilizes animation in their designs. The subtle, gentle animations as you scroll down their page add interest and movement for the eye to follow. The style is smooth and crisp, a refreshing take on line art.


2020 Graphic design trends: cyberpunk color schemes.
Screenshot source: Depositphotos


4. Bright cyberpunk color schemes

Get futuristic with bright and bold colors in this trend. Cyberpunk color schemes are making their way into modern designs and they are captivating to the eye. As we move into the future, colors lead the way at light speed in vibrant and luminescent form. They really make designs look like they are glowing.

Try elevating your designs with some cyberpunk color schemes or styles. Depositphotos has a great collection of utopian inspired swatches to inspire you!


2020 Graphic design trends: bold typography.
Screenshot source: Elyse Niezgoda


5. Bold typography

Lastly, say it loud with bold typography. This trend is all about strong text elements as the focal point of the design. It has the potential to guide your eye to other elements, as well as create big shapes of movement.

Strong typography is a great way to make a statement. I love incorporating it in minimalistic designs to emphasize the message even more. Mix bold typography with bold color choice, layers, or subtle animation to bring even more excitement. A great way to incorporate text to any of the previous trends.


2020 Graphic design trends to try this year.

Lots of love!

Inspire your creativity this Valentine’s Day by trying to implement some of these trends into your next design piece.

Whether it’s revamping an old piece that needs some extra love or creating something entirely new, keep your love for design alive by learning to implement new trends. Looking at current design trends always ignites a new fire inside of me to keep pushing my designs further!

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