Looking for B2B demand generation content ideas that will help bring in new business?

The way businesses reach out to new customers changes over time as more B2B companies focus on demand generation than ever before. Leading companies use a collaborative approach between sales and marketing that takes advantage of B2B demand generation content.

They also focus on bringing more qualified leads through the marketing funnel.

While we know that B2B demand generation works, one challenge is coming up with fresh content ideas. Here are 10 ways to create interest and awareness and increase your revenue.

10 top ideas for B2B demand generation content

Demand generation is a multi-channel strategy that works for organizations of all sizes. It usually starts with identifying the target customer, anticipating their needs, then making content that places you as an authority for that need.

Here are effective content types that you should use for demand generation today.

10 top ideas for B2B demand generation content

1. Webinars

Webinars are an ideal B2B demand generation content choice when you have a lot of detailed information to share with a potential buyer. They also give attendees the feeling of being involved in a more active relationship with your brand.

You can broadcast them live and then offer them as a download to be watched later. You can also repurpose each webinar into a series of blog posts, Medium posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, or shorter video snippets for social media.

Pro tip: Require attendees to register for your webinar in advance. This gets you their contact information, along with permission to send out updates. It also allows you to send reminders, which helps boost attendance on the day of the event.

2. Pillar pages

Pillar pages on a single topic not only help your page rank higher on search, but they also give the visitor access to dozens of internal links on your site. This helps them learn all they can about a topic without ever leaving your site.

As potential buyers visit more pages, they develop trust, see you as an authority, and get comfortable interacting with your company. Make pillar pages a high priority if your company is looking to grow its organic search traffic.


3. Infographics

People love stats but aren’t always excited about skimming large portions of text to find them. Maybe that’s why, according to Hubspot, infographics are taking over as the fourth most popular type of content marketing.

Infographics have two advantages working for them when it comes to B2B demand generation content tactics — they make reading stats easy, and they are enjoyable to share with others. They are also fun to share and can often get you quality backlinks, especially if you include lots of stats.

Pro tip: Keep your infographics to one page, and create a size appropriate for sharing on social. Ensure your company name and URL are easy to see on each image.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are another great strategy to generate leads. According to the PodCast Index, there are over 4 million registered podcasts covering a variety of industries.

Brands can either create their own podcasts or get interviewed by top influencers, industry experts, and journalists and create audio experiences for their target audience.

While this B2B demand generation content strategy does require additional effort to write, record, and edit each podcast, it’s well worth it.

b2b demand generation content ideas: White papers

5. White papers

White papers are a staple of B2B demand generation content marketing strategy. They combine research, narrative text, and new insights into an easy-to-read digital paper that positions your company as a leader in your field.

White papers can be a couple of pages or up to 50 (or more), but since they are typically read in digital form, it pays to keep them brief. White papers create demand by showing B2B leaders that you know your stuff and can communicate it professionally.

6. Case studies

While white papers promise success in your own words, case studies use your customers’ stories to help create sales. If you have unique applications for your product or have changed a company for the better, let your customers speak for you.

Case studies can be a quick read, but be sure to offer tangible, measurable outcomes. If your customer saved $10,000, say so. Communicate if you helped them avoid closure or keep more employees on staff.

Pro tip: The point of a case study is to create a fear of missing out (FOMO) from prospects not yet using your services. Aim for case studies examples that are relatable and that other companies can imagine seeing themselves as experiencing, too.

b2b demand generation content marketing: Quizzes

7. Quizzes

Industry leaders and decision-makers know a lot about their field but may not know about their business needs. Help point that out by asking them questions via a simple, interactive quiz as a B2B demand generation content tactic.

Whether you choose a “what’s your personality?” theme or aim to give them a solution path on the spot, make your quiz quick, aesthetically pleasing, and relevant to what you offer. At the end of each quiz, you should include the next steps your users should take with a clear CTA.

8. Calculators

Another great B2B demand generation content strategy for lead generation is to create a tool in the form of a calculator. Customized, business-centric calculators provide value for marketers hoping to generate website traffic.

For example, you can publish an ROI calculator showing how much a new customer can save by using your product or a particular marketing strategy. You can also offer a calculation of how many supplies a customer will need for their operation. Whatever your goal, a calculator can highlight your unique offering.

Pro tip: Be sure to label your calculator with a more generic, SEO-friendly term to help customers find you in search. They may find your tool useful even if they aren’t aware of your product. Your calculator landing page should be optimized for search and contain all the relevant keywords a user would use to search for.

9. Email newsletters

Emails are an excellent way to retain customers. Whether you share industry trends or boost your top sales offers, give customers a way to share your email with others, so they can also sign up.


10. Polls

People increasingly want to be heard, and polls offer a quick way for leads to share their opinions anonymously. Whether you host your poll on social media or through a special landing page, make sure your poll doesn’t tackle more than one or two big questions at once.

Pro tip: Tie the results back to your sales funnel and have respondents provide their email as an optional next step to get more information with this B2B demand generation content tactic.


While demand generation can be incredibly effective at placing new leads into your sales funnel, each piece of content takes time to research, plan, create, edit, and publish.

If you don’t have the capacity to handle it yourself, consider enlisting the help of ClearVoice and our B2B content marketing writer talent pool. Our writers are well-versed in creating the top types of content to get customers asking more about you! Talk to a content specialist today to learn more.