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Savvy SEO

The Freelancer Writer Type You Should Hire is SE: Savvy SEO

Type: Savvy SEO

Visibility is currency.

A Savvy SEO writer doesn’t just craft compelling narratives; they ensure your content reaches its intended audience by optimizing for search engines. Their expertise lies in combining quality content with strategic keyword placement and understanding the ever-evolving algorithms of search engines.

Your content may be engaging and informative, but without a Savvy SEO writer by your side, it won’t be easily discovered.

By hiring a Savvy SEO, you’re ensuring your content not only stands out but also climbs to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), driving traffic and positioning your brand front and center for online conversations.

Savvy SEO Results

How does that relate to my quiz results?

In an ideal world, you’d hit “publish” on a great blog or eBook, and it would immediately be delivered to your target audience.

Anyone who has ever put out content knows this isn’t the case. A lot factors into how content reaches users on the internet, the least of which is SEO.

When your content isn’t optimized for SEO, regardless of how well-written it is, it doesn’t matter how funny or on-brand your blog posts may be. It might even be amazing sales copy!

Before your customers can invest in you, they must be able to *find* you. And without a Savvy SEO freelancer, you’ll be banished to the far reaches of the internet, wondering why your content marketing strategy isn’t working.

Your competitors are investing in SEO writers, and if they’re ranking higher in SERPs, that’s as good as handing them the sale.

Savvy SEO Talent

Where do I find Savvy SEOs?

We’re glad you asked!

ClearVoice is home to a network of proven 200,000+ content creators in 200+ industries. We work with brands like yours to find the right writers and creators to craft your content.

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With ClearVoice as your managed content solution, we’ll provide you with the SEO-friendly, publish-ready content you need to reach your goals.

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