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Conversion Copywriter

The Freelancer Writer Type You Should Hire is CO: Conversion Copywriter

Type: Conversion Copywriter

Whether selling shoes or selling SaaS, your potential customers want to feel like they have a relationship with your brand before they make an investment.

You may not be able to draw a straight line from your blog posts or eBooks to your revenue, but the content you create is a critical piece of the overall puzzle.

It builds trust, boosts your visibility, and makes your marketing more effective.

Conversion Copywriter Results

How does that relate to my quiz results?

If you need a conversion copywriter, that means your content is bringing in an audience, and now you need to close the deal.

Your content marketing team is doing a great job of building your audience through mediums such as social media, blog posts, and emails. You’re ranking on search engines. But that’s where the momentum stops.

Having a great product and putting out quality content isn’t enough. Without a skilled copywriter on your team, you won’t see the revenue potential you know you’re capable of.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a hard time justifying content marketing to your decision-makers if they’re not seeing dollar signs. Writing for conversions is a specialized skill and one worth investing in.

Relying on your product to sell itself is dangerous for that bottom line.

Conversion Copywriter Talent

Where do I find Conversion Copywriters?

We’re glad you asked!

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