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Category Connoisseurs

The Freelancer Writer Type You Should Hire is CA: Category Connoisseur

Type: Category Connoisseurs

A deep understanding and specialization in your industry niche helps set your brand apart.

A Category Connoisseur isn’t just a writer; they are experts who know the ins and outs of your specific field.

Currently, you may be able to share information with your target audience easily but are unable to establish your brand as an industry thought leader. However, with specialized knowledge, Category Connoisseurs can dive deep into subjects that resonate with their target audience, offering insights that generic content simply can’t match.

Don’t forget: experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are factors that Google loves, and the more quality, valuable content you create, the more Google will love your brand.

Category Connoisseurs Results

How does that relate to my quiz results?

A category connoisseur is also known as an industry expert. Not all content is created equal, and different industries require different types of writing.

You probably have your brand voice dialed in and are creating lots of content for social media, your website, and email.

But… you know you could be doing more.

Building trust and authority requires content that’s written by an expert. Someone who speaks the language of your target audience.

Your competitors likely already engage with industry professionals and build brand trust and credibility that no amount of creative copywriting can undermine.

It’s not enough to be creating content. You need to be creating the right content.

Category Connoisseurs Talent

Where do I find Category Connoisseurs?

We’re glad you asked!

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