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About Waikiki Resort Hotel

Privately owned, Waikiki Resort Hotel is a paradise just steps away from Waikiki’s famous beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Problem

Waikiki Resort Hotel Revenue Manager, Adam Miyasato, was tasked with finding a solution to successfully reopen the property after its eight-month shutdown due to COVID-19. Miyasato wasn’t sold on the idea of a blog to drive conversions.

“I’ll be very blunt: I was there to disprove that blogging [would] work,” Miyasato said. After being outvoted in a strategy meeting he is ultimately happy he was. “Fast forward to three months later, I had to eat my own words… I just didn’t realize the power of it, ultimately.”

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The Solution

In January 2021, the blog strategy focus, “wasn’t pushy on the product sell,’ the goal focused on ‘getting people to our website for information regarding cool hiking places, what’s going on with COVID in Hawaii, and stuff like that.”

In collaboration with ClearVoice, roughly 40 blog pieces have been written by qualified ClearVoice freelancers for hire who have “a connection to Hawaii”, the team averaged five blog pieces a month, and Miyasato is pleased with the traffic. “The blogging numbers did help overall traffic flow, which is the most important part of our business: direct channel,” admits Miyasato.

The Results

Numbers across the board went up according to Miyasato – including Waikiki Resort Hotel’s email capture rate along with visits from online travel agents. “Our conversion rate from the blog was at an all-time high of about 8%, normally, it is about two to three percentage points,” reveals Miyasato.

Without ClearVoice’s content writing services and SEO content knowledge, the property would’ve been about 65% down from what it booked the year before. He happily notes, “It’s clear, based on the metrics from Google Analytics that people clicked, read, and continued to book.”

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Adam Miyasato

Revenue Manager
Waikiki Resort Hotel

Pre-pandemic, with no blogging, we were a 5% direct channel. Post-pandemic, with blogging, our direct channel has risen to 27%.
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Helping Waikiki Resort’s blog perform 350% better than their normal conversion rates.

Achieving 3x – 4x better than your normal conversion rate doesn’t just happen. It happened because the ClearVoice Success Team worked collaboratively with Miyasato and the Waikiki Resort Hotel team to tailor content creation around what the resort wanted.

“Testing the waters” collaboratively gaining perspective on how content performs a strategy was built based off what people were clicking. “ClearVoice was not pushy or demanding and has been very accommodating to our schedule, which can get hectic. That’s not always something that companies will tolerate, to be honest — so we’re thankful to ClearVoice for that.” Miyasato said.

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