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About Tailwind

Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram that helps automate the most difficult parts of your social and email marketing so you can grow smarter and faster.

The Problem

Tailwind Marketing Manager, Kristen Dahlin, was operating solo in an “under-resourced” department in 2020. The motivation to bring in a managed content creation partner occurred when “we were going over our strategy for the year and noticed how our competitors in the space were killing it at SEO.”

“We were doing one blog post a week, and in our competitive analysis, we saw our competitors putting out one a day, just absolutely dominating the space. We quickly realized we really needed to ramp up content.”

Customer Story Tailwind Problem
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The Solution

Dahlin, who used to be a freelancer herself, landed on ClearVoice, impressed by the number of freelancers on the platform. The ClearVoice team found several freelancers that absolutely nailed the voice and tone of Tailwind.

“When we first started, we budgeted for three blog posts a week. Once we got lift off with SEO, we scaled it even more — to the point where we were at 5-6 blog posts a week, easy,’ says Dahlin. ‘Ultimately, ClearVoice made it a lot easier to do during the pandemic… and pretty quickly, we worked exclusively with the platform.”

The Results

Streamlining Tailwind’s content efforts into one central location with ClearVoice made it easier for Dahlin to manage the load. Dahlin says, “It was so much more cost-effective — and time effective for us — to have five or six different freelancers working on pieces and to have it all come back on time.”

Tailwind’s blog clicks spiked in July 2020, just seven months into the ClearVoice relationship. One blog entry itself drove 900+ signups for Tailwind — and now, 19 months into the partnership, blog traffic has increased 9x overall — with weekly blog output improving by 500%.

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Kristen Dahlin

Marketing Manager

We genuinely could not have hit and exceeded our goals to establish a presence and an authority in our spaces without the ClearVoice platform.
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Content Production with a Plan

“With ClearVoice, we went from working a week to two weeks in advance to having the entire quarter mapped out.”

As a result of the content creation collaboration with ClearVoice, Dahlin is thrilled to have “learned a lot about processes and how to do all this with multiple touch points.” Since then, she was approved to hire an in-house marketing team — something she’s excited about but says ‘a little bittersweet.’

“Managing this process through ClearVoice has definitely influenced the way our team is structured within content,’ concludes Dahlin. ‘I love ClearVoice and how efficient they are.”

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