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About Southwest Solutions Group

Southwest Solutions Group (SSG) helps reduce a business’ operational costs by implementing solutions that will efficiently and effectively manage the organization’s resources, such as productivity, floor space, and information.

The Problem

Due to all the search engine algorithm changes, industries that didn’t have in-house SEO content strategists and content writers saw a huge disruption in their marketing strategy. Content became the most valuable commodity for ranking on search engines.

Director of Marketing and Product Development, Shawn Panosian, knew changes needed to be made in the way his company approached content creation. “When the algorithms change, SSG’s content just started to implode,’ Panosian said. ‘Previously, the company had been good at throwing up 20-30 articles per week, but their methodologies weren’t working anymore. More research and development needed to be put into it.”

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The Solution

The company sought a content creation partner to help make its blog more strategic – and found ClearVoice. SSG had hired freelancers before but underpaid them and got what they paid for. It was important to him to find a company that had a strong resume and valued global access.

Panosian was impressed by ClearVoice’s writers’ ability to turn “boring” content into something interesting immediately and use all the right keywords. “We’re not really writing for the readers. We’re writing for Google,’ Panosian said. ‘The ClearVoice team did it right and did it well. Their balance of writing content for the reader while still making the search engine happy is exactly what we needed.”

The Results

As it is said, the proof is in the proverbial pudding. ClearVoice’s team handled 78 blog articles within the first seven months of the partnership. As a result of the content push, Panosian has felt a “great deal of relief because ClearVoice is a company that provides me with real freelance writers, and SSG’s content has become smarter and more engaging from an SEO content perspective.” And as a result, not just leads but quality leads have been generated.

For the first time in the company’s history, Southwest Solutions Group now ranks #1 in the industry with six product lines. The overall website traffic at SSG has increased by 60%, thanks to ClearVoice.

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Shawn Panosian

Director of Marketing and Product Development
Southwest Solutions Group

ClearVoice has made our content more intelligent from an SEO perspective… and our web traffic has increased significantly because of it.

Examples of Content Created for Southwest Solutions Group

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The Benefits of Using Pistol Lock Box Storage Safes

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Southern Representatives Warehouse Lifting Equipment

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The Role of Dental Lab Equipment in Efficient Lab Operations

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Increase Website Traffic

The collaboration with ClearVoice and Southwest Solutions Group has resulted in an 82% increase in non-branded traffic and an 8% increase in branded traffic. Additionally, overall traffic increased by 60%, which is considerable for any industry.

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