A Winning Content Strategy for a SoCal Furniture Legend

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About Jerome’s Furniture

Family-owned chain, Jerome’s Furniture has been Southern California’s go-to source for quality, discount furniture since the mid-1950s.

The Problem

Jerome’s Furniture has long been a mainstay on local television networks. However, TV alone was not going to boost organic search traffic and improve website traffic for the company.

The website needed friendly, educational content with an SEO content strategy. This, in turn, would generate a higher search engine results page ranking.

Whether it was finding the right dining room table or bedroom suite for a customer, Jerome’s Furniture excelled. However, the staff had neither the time nor the skills to write content, and the previous content creation efforts had failed.

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The Solution

A two-part strategy was immediately put into place by ClearVoice’s team. Creating more content was the first step. The second was to ensure that the content was informative and friendly.

The partnership produced 350 pieces of content in the first year. The number of pieces generated was a substantial increase from the 50 generated the previous year. Blogs, enhanced website copy, and buyer’s guides provided quality content. As part of the project, ClearVoice also developed and implemented pay-per-click pieces.

Once the SEO content strategy was in place, ClearVoice conducted website audits. Keyword portfolio research determined content performance. Meanwhile, technical site audits minimized keyword stuffing.

The Results

Through ClearVoice, Jerome’s Furniture’s organic traffic increased by 10%, resulting in more sales.

Additionally, the SEO best practices put in place and reduced keyword stuffing improved their page-quality score. In eight weeks, Jerome’s Furniture saved approximately $15,000 in advertising spend.

ClearVoice helped Jerome’s Furniture improve its content output, and the company’s staff could focus on what it did best: selling furniture.

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Nicholas Agheli
Director of Digital Jerome’s Furniture
We get quality writers… and an account lead who oversees the writers to ensure they nail the right tone and that they’re educated on the latest SEO principles and how to work with the latest Google algorithm. That’s hard to get — especially the consistency part of it.

Examples of Content Created for Jerome’s Furniture

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A Grown-Up’s Guide to Decorating Your First Apartment

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Buying Guide to a Holiday-Ready Living Room

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3 Ways to Party-Proof Your Home

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Great Content & Better Search Results

ClearVoice services helped Jerome’s Furniture drive more website visitors, which increased their sales. Moreover, ClearVoice’s content writing services also improved the client’s search engine results page, and reduced advertising spend.

Above all, the collaboration meant ClearVoice created all content. And the Jerome’s Furniture team could continue focusing on its mission to furnish Southern California homes.

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