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Upping Cisco's Content Game in a Multitude of Ways

Over the course of a year spanning 2019-2020, CloudCherry (acquired by Cisco in October 2019, and now Cisco Webex Experience Management) collaborated with ClearVoice's talented team on an ambitious content marketing project. The goal? To produce a myriad of short- and long-form content pieces centered around customer experience. The hope? To bestow valuable insights, better engage customers, and inform them about trends in their industry. The produced pieces ranged from thoughtful blog posts to case studies to white papers (based on Forrester Research reports Cisco purchased). The result? Added value for Cisco customers who encountered these pieces across their respective marketing channels.

Aspire. Act. Achieve.

Delighting Clients and Customers — One Piece at a Time

Elle Eyre-Winter

In the time I was working with ClearVoice, I was impressed that it was such a collaborative process. That I could be as involved — or as uninvolved — as I wanted to be.

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