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About Cisco

Cisco Webex Experience Management is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) company that provides analytics, customer journey mapping, and survey capabilities for its clients.

The Problem

When Cisco acquired CloudCherry and rebranded it as Cisco Webex Experience Management, the company wanted to launch an ambitious content marketing project.

To enhance customer experience, they needed a variety of short and long-form content pieces. Additionally, they needed specialized, expert-written content that provided valuable insights, engaged customers, and informed them about industry trends.

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The Solution

ClearVoice led a content creation program that included blogs, case studies, and white papers. Blog posts like, “How to Build Great CX During the Holidays” were clear and well-researched, covering topics with an expert voice and qualified sources.

Summer Interior, Marketing Specialist, was impressed by how seamless and streamlined the process was when she began working with ClearVoice. “From the start, it was clear that this team was there to support me,” Interior said.

The Results

ClearVoice made Interior’s life easier and allowed her to focus more on big-picture tasks. Interior trusted the ClearVoice team to deliver engaging, actionable content that reflected Cisco’s high standards. “I didn’t need to make any adjustments. It was clear. It was upbeat. It was informational, but in a very applicable way, not just information for information’s sake,” she said.

“The writers were extremely qualified to handle the projects, and if tweaks needed to be made, they were quick to make those and understood what I was asking for,” Interior said. This kept things streamlined, on target, and on schedule — just a few reasons Interior plans to work with ClearVoice again when another opportunity presents itself.

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Summer Interior

Marketing Specialist
CloudCherry / Cisco

The writers were extremely qualified to handle the projects; if tweaks needed to be made, they were quick to make those and understood what I was asking for.
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Seamless Communication

Interior’s work with ClearVoice started out with regular calls, but once things started flowing, the team communicated easily using the chat feature in the ClearVoice content platform

“The chat feature is great — short, sweet, to the point. I think so often we take on ‘tools’ that are supposed to help us — but end up having to babysit them in a way that adds to our workload, our bandwidth, and makes it harder,’ Interior said. ‘That was not what happened with ClearVoice. As a writer and editor myself, I enjoyed not feeling like I was stepping on toes. It was clear that I was ultimately in charge of the project and got to call the shots.”

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