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About Charles-Kenyon

As a provider of innovative digital marketing services in the Fintech space, Charles-Kenyon Sales & Marketing offers a range of strategic marketing services to credit unions and regional banks.

The Problem

John Wiley, founder and CEO had worked in advertising and publishing for 20 years. He knew there was a way to scale his content efforts but wasn’t sure where to start.

During his research, Wiley ran into a number of issues with other content writing services, from blatant plagiarism to citing competitors.” We did not receive sustainable content services. I wasn’t getting good content from them and wanted fresh eyes and better costs,” Wiley said. “These content providers were charging anywhere from $1 – $3 per word.”

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The Solution

As part of his ClearVoice offering, Wiley worked with ClearVoice to design a plan that met the needs of his clients in the fintech space.

Several factors played into the agency’s success from the beginning. “The onboarding was good, the support has been great, and ClearVoice overall has been a huge help,” Wiley said. In particular, Wiley appreciated the help with pitch requests and language tweaks that have shortened response times.

Prior to this, Wiley would receive 3-5 pitches from writers and send them off to his client, who might take weeks to respond. With ClearVoice, Wiley says turnaround time has been greatly improved, “The turnaround time is usually two days. I’m not missing any publication deadlines. I’m also getting licensed pictures and taglines for social media, which is awesome.” Wiley said.

The Results

In this niche market, Charles-Kenyon Sales & Marketing has generated thousands of clicks through its blog posts.

The development of a content creation strategy, the ClearVoice calendar, and the content platform are also critical success factors. “The platform is a time-saver. Having the ability to request pitches for content and receive responses quickly has saved me a lot of time, budget, and resources. The writers I have are producing good content and doing a lot of good research, and we are satisfied with the content we are receiving,” Wiley said.

In an industry that demands thought leadership and authority, Charles Kenyon established it using ClearVoice’s content writing services.

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Establishing Authority in a Niche Market

By building an SEO content strategy and developing informing and engaging creativity, Charles Kenyon has been able to successfully scale its content. And by partnering with ClearVoice, they have started to establish authority as a thought leader in a space that demands it.

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Marisa Guerrero

Senior Content Manager
Charles-Kenyon Marketing


ClearVoice is the easiest thing about my job right now, getting content made. It’s one of the most important things about the work we do.

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