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About 1205 Marketing

1205 Marketing services work to deliver ideas, engagement, and insights with scalable on-demand marketing solutions. They help growing businesses scale with on-demand marketing strategy and services such as branding, design, and digital communications. 

The Problem

With the intention of scaling 1205 Marketing agency’s marketing capabilities, the agency was getting started and building a diverse client base. However, with hundreds of projects going on simultaneously, Chief Marketing Officer, Rio Haber saw an opportunity to streamline one key area of their business, content creation.

“We needed a way to build content that allowed us to manage the small army of copywriters, editors, designers, and project managers to produce any given piece.” That’s when Haber stumbled upon ClearVoice, “it allowed us to scale by offering content marketing as a service. This changed the game for 1205 Marketing because they could now offer content services to their clients without telling people, ‘Sorry, we just can’t do that.’”

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The Solution

In both customer support and content creation, ClearVoice quickly became a reliable partner. “ClearVoice is one of the only places I’ve found a huge pool of copywriters where you can actually see their work, get descriptions, and go back-and-forth while managing multiple articles at once,” Haber said.

This bench became especially important when the agency had a specific need, not just for a writer but “an education expert” for one of their client accounts. Ultimately, ClearVoice was able to deliver. “From a scalability standpoint, the built-in marketplace of writers organized by background and experience has allowed us to quickly find and connect with experts in almost any field we could imagine.”

Sometimes you need a specialist where a generalist won’t cut it.

The Results

The agency amplified and scaled its marketing efforts tenfold with this new network of freelancers for hire across technology and online learning. Finding the right writers has made it possible to create blog posts that create awareness and action for their clients.

“In our case, ClearVoice helps us offer this as our content marketing product and scale it up, so I don’t need to hire three, four, or five writers permanently,” Haber said. “That’s probably been the biggest value to me.” ClearVoice helped 1205 Marketing build a content marketing product where none existed.

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Share Your Expertise

1205 Marketing has discovered that great things can happen when you approach content marketing from an educational point of view. By sharing their expertise through quality content pieces, 1205 Marketing has been able to reach the next level. ClearVoice has helped them build a scalable content-marketing product offering where one didn’t previously exist.

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Rion Haber

Chief Marketing Officer
1205 Marketing

ClearVoice has completely shifted the way we deliver content marketing services. Now, we spend more time working directly with clients and less managing unruly workflows.

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