What Is Facebook Analytics?
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What Is Facebook Analytics?

What is Facebook Analytics? Facebook Analytics is free data provided by Facebook that tracks your page’s likes, views, and more. It gives insight into your business’s audience and how they interact with your page that you can use to grow the interactions.

Facebook Analytics is also called Facebook Insights, and it provides a deep look into the 2.7 billion monthly users that interact with your business’s page on Facebook. The data helps you track results from your campaigns and posts and understand the Facebook algorithm.

Take note that you can only use this platform with a business’s Facebook page rather than a personal account. To view this data, navigate to your Facebook Analytics page. Then click on the Dashboards tab on the left-hand side of the page to view data for items like retention, journeys, and events.

The data shows detailed information for things like views, likes, clicks, new followers, orders, and engagement. It can also track Facebook ad results, as well as allow you to see results from each of your type of posts to understand better what resonates with your audience best. To get the most out of Facebook Analytics, you’ll need to take the information you learn to improve your results in the future. For example, you can better target a different audience based on age, location, device used to view based on what data you find. Then you’ll want to repeat what works.

Common uses for Facebook Analytics

  • Find who you should be targeting with Facebook ads
  • Create effective marketing funnels for your business
  • Examine your business’s Facebook audience to adjust posting strategy
  • See what’s working best for your audience
  • Use the data to grow your audience
  • Understand who goes from viewing your content to ordering from your business
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