What Is a Unique Visitor?

What Is a Unique Visitor?
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What is a unique visitor? A unique visitor is one person at one IP address visiting a particular website. Unique visitors are often used to measure the popularity and traffic of a web URL to test what people click on, what makes them exit a page, and what motivates them to take action. 

If you’re in the marketing sphere, you’ve definitely heard of traffic goals. They are tied to nearly every piece of content created, and to determine the success of language, imagery and more, many track unique visitors to their website.

According to the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification (IFABC) Global Web Standards, a unique visitor is determined by a person’s IP address and internet cookies. This means a user must accept cookies on a new website for their data to be tracked and collected. This also means unique visitors aren’t a perfect science, but generally speaking, a way of measuring the readability and convertibility of a particular page. 

When selling advertisements or luring in investors, brands will use unique visitor information to state a case for their success and viral factor. Though these numbers may be at times inflated, since they’re based on averages, unique visitors do illustrate interest since it means people are clicking onto a webpage purposefully.

If you intend to be part of a marketing team, having a thorough understanding of what a unique visitor is and how it can help a company grow and make strategic decisions is essential. 

Common uses of a unique visitor

  • Measuring the size of a website’s audience
  • Understanding what types of content drive traffic up and down
  • Setting a competitive price for digital advertisements
  • Determining the results of an A/B test
  • Tracking website growth over time
  • Analyzing the impact of a sale, promotion, newsletter or social post
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