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Spark Your Content Strategy With ‘Game of Thrones’

As content marketers, we dream of brand reach, recognition and, ultimately, brand infamy. Basically, we aspire to be the ‘Game of Thrones’ of the marketing world. But, it’s not without opposition that we seek the coveted iron … I mean, golden content marketing award.

What is the best way to gain the notoriety you seek? Take a look at ‘Game of Thrones,’ a show that trends even in its off-season, and apply lessons from its stand-out moments and characters to your content strategy.

Winter Is Coming:

Ahh, winter is coming. You’ve heard it so many times that you may even be wondering, well, where the hell is this winter you speak of? As content marketers, winter undoubtedly equals Google because we never know when Google will drop a new, career-altering algorithm. But, like the White Walkers, we always know it is lurking. There is nothing you can do to prepare for Google algorithm shifts besides joining in on the speculation and obsessing over every piece of maybe-telling intel Google releases.

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The Hound (RIP):

Content without strategy is like throwing your Valyrian steel straight through the Moon Door. The Hound has his brand guidelines, if you will, clearly defined; he has done horrific things, but he certainly knows what horrific things he will not do. Furthermore, he uses his, albeit limited, moral compass to guide him to live a pretty strategic life.

Red Wedding:

Possibly the most infamous scene of all television history — at least to GoT fans — the Red Wedding teaches us marketers the power of knowing who you are dealing with. Adopting a content marketing strategy may lead a company to think that all that matters is producing a lot of content, but without knowing your audience, doing so just contributes to the deluge of less-than stellar content already living on the web. Without keeping your audience in mind when crafting your content campaigns, you’ll end up wasting resources (or, you know, lives) and could end up hurting your brand (or family name) more than you’re helping.

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Arya Stark:

We’ve watched Arya grow from a tomboy who was more interested in fencing than dolls, into a multifaceted, fiercely independent character with undeterred beliefs. What can we learn about content marketing from Arya? Creative flexibility. She may not know exactly where she is going, and she certainly has no idea what the future holds, but you know that she will utilize her cunning, creative personality to emerge from any situation as the victor.

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Daenerys Targaryen:

Dany Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, is a character with a lot of power who stands out as a leader through her swift and merciful acquisition of many cities. As content marketers, we can learn a lot from the Khaleesi. Rather than aiming to divide and conquer at all costs, aim to acquire your audience by being a resource, just as Dany gets the trust of the people she is leading by freeing slaves and holding court. While your end goal is always to grow your brand, the best way to achieve this growth is through being a helpful, actionable resource.

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Margaery Tyrell:

When building a brand, you should always define the goals you wish to accomplish. If Margaery Tyrell was a brand, she would be Apple. Intensely dedicated and undeterred through even the most gruesome of tragedies, Margaery knows what she is after. A twice widow at the tender age of, like fifteen, Margaery will be THE queen.

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Tyrion Lannister:

Tyrion, the un-Lannister Lannister, is the quintessential example of staying true to your brand. Tyrion knows who he is, and he never falters in that identity. Just as content marketers need to always stay on brand, Tyrion understands his brand strengths typically favor intellect over strength, and he always uses that to his advantage.

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If Cersei Lannister was a content marketing campaign, she would be pulling in supreme engagement. We all know that every piece of content you create should be repurposed to garner additional engagement, and no one displays that better than Cersei. Since season one, Cersei has repurposed the same rhetoric to elicit new allies and maintain her power, over and over again.

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The Dragons:

As mere humans we may not breath fire, but we do know that three heads are always going to be better than one. This concept plays into our content marketing every single day and calls on our ability to work together. Take advantage of your team members, and know when to delegate your content marketing efforts. We may not have the power to burn down a village, but together we can come together to accomplish one goal.

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