SEO and Social Media
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SEO and Social Media

The importance of SEO and Social Media cannot be overstated: SEO is moving to the forefront of social media marketing. We all know the basics: On-page SEO (hit your keywords, keep your title under 70 characters, have a catchy meta description) and Off-page SEO (link to internal content, work hard for backlinks, comment on blogs, guest post) and so on. But there’s another aspect of Off-page SEO that some don’t consider: SEO through social media.

The quickest and easiest way to create white-hat backlinks is by creating and maintaining profiles with platforms that benefit your social media engagements. These platforms have a variety of uses: general “About” profiles, centralized commenting for blogs, globally recognized avatars, etc. Optimized correctly, each site can contain up to five white hat links to a landing page on your domain, as well as inter-connecting links to other social media profiles. Where should you start?

This site offers an interactive, virtual business card containing your name, tagline, a short bio, profile pic, location, links, and “tags” for SEO optimization (just like in a blog feed).

SEO and Social Media

Social media business pages don’t connect directly through, so you may only be able to directly connect your Twitter feed. You can, however, add whatever links you’d like, and the program pulls the icons from their respective sites. Add Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so on.

In addition to the social media links, consider adding links to additional landing pages on your site.

Take advantage of the apps to pull your blog feed into your profile as well. Titles of the three most recent posts will be listed as links, with your domain name below each one.

Remember to check out the social networking aspects within this platform. You can “favorite” other users (visit their page and click the star), share another user’s page on the big 5 SM networks, compliment a user (Love Your Page, Great Background, Well Written [sic], “Let’s Collaborate”), or email a user if he or she has enabled that feature.

The search feature is interesting – I think it will eventually become more intuitive, but for now you can search, say, “Mashable”, and you’re given a group of pages tagged with the keyword as well as pages that mention the keyword.


This globally recognized avatar platform contains your name, verified website address, a profile pic, a bio, and Twitter integration. Gravatar has become a recognized, trusted, and accepted representation of a person or business; the Internet version of a driver’s license. It proves who you are and what you’re qualified for, and it’s recognized and respected in the industry.

You’re given the option to add links to your profile page, which show up as screen captures of the pages to which they link. Add your domain, additional landing pages on your site, your profile, and links to your profiles on the big 5 social media platforms.

SEO and Social Media


A global user login for commenting on blogs, your profile shows your name, website, Twitter handle, a short bio, your location, and a profile picture.

Users will see your comments and activities on blogs that use Disqus for commenting and login.

SEO and Social Media

Your Dashboard will show comments and activity of users you follow – great for quick replies and engagement.

SEO and Social Media


Klout is a service that measure the social influences of brands and individuals. Even if you haven’t heard of it, if you’re on social media, you have a Klout score. Creating your profile on the site gives you another chance to further your SEO options. For reference, DigitalPartner’s Klout score is 48 (pretty respectable for such a small brand), my personal score is 64, Mashable’s is 89, and Oregano’s Pizza is 42.

Link to your Twitter account and Facebook Business Page; there’s no options to add Google+ Business Pages or LinkedIn Business Pages. Although you can link Flikr accounts, WordPress Blogs, Blogger profiles, and more.

Your Dashboard shows you, by day, your influences, whom you influence, and who influences you.

SEO and Social Media

Your Profile Page shows your recent popular activity.

SEO and Social Media

Carefully choose topics of influence in your vertical (marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, PR, blogging, business, branding, etc.).

Don’t stop here! Are there sites you use as references that you visit often? Create accounts in the name of your company. We belong to, and, to name a few. Anywhere you’re given the option to add a clean link back to your site and your social media accounts, do it. Happy profile-creating!

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