ProContent: Content Generates Social Attention
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#ProContent: Content that Generates Social Attention (Part 2)

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ProContent: Content Generates Social Attention

Guest Speaker

Lorena Garcia, Co-founder of the Bloguettes


In the ever-changing world of social media, a marketer is presented with hashtags, posting times, algorithms, overall engagement; it’s enough to make a social media marketer go crazy.

A few weeks ago we brought you the #ProContent Podcast: Content that Generates Social Media Attention with guest Neal Schaffer and Jacob Warwick. I had the opportunity to have a follow-up conversation with Lorena Garcia of the Bloguettes, and we continued this deep dive into the world of social, the importance of listening and the absolute need to analyze everything.

Highlights from our guest 

  • Facebook is the one channel that should be part of your digital and social media strategy. How you use it depends on you. Some brands have amazing success organically. Some brands do not, but still are very successful in their advertising platform. So I do think it’s a must-have for businesses.
  • The major reason you’re not seeing success with your social content is because you’re not analyzing your social content.
  • This piece of content did amazing on Instagram, why? Because we posted it at the right time, because we put some budget behind it, because of the elements of the post.
  • Our social media team drives the strategy because they’re the ones that are in touch with our customers and our community.
  • Companies are pushing, pushing, pushing content out. But we are so busy that we feel like we’re wasting time by spending time on one of these platforms. But it’s not a waste of time at all. How else are you going to see what other people are liking? What other types of content is working if you’re not there getting yourself, getting your feet wet on all of these platforms?

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About Meagan

Meagan DeMenna is the community manager. After studying at Cambridge, she began her career writing and editing for four international magazines. Now you can catch her moderating webinars, podcasts and Facebook Live. She's a wife, mother, British lit. nerd and has a serious katsaridaphobia.

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