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Content Radar: August 23, 2017

Spent too much time this week looking at the sun to remember to keep up with the latest content marketing news and reports? Never fear — we’re here to help. Take a gander at the top items from this week that should be on your content marketing radar — no special glasses needed.

New personalization research provides benchmark for marketers, publishers

If you feel like you are running behind in your ability to personalize content for your online audience, you aren’t alone. According to Digiday Research, roughly 2/3 of marketers and more than 55 percent of publishers say that personalization is either a high or a very high priority. However, less than half of those surveyed are able to tailor content to cater to attributes of individual users.

The way that marketers and publishers choose to personalize content differs from one to the next. Whereas marketers mostly use age, location, lifestyles, hobbies, and financial information to personalize content, publishers are slightly less sophisticated in their personalization processes — with browser history, device type, and location being the most popular attributes.



Facebook adds new tools to improve influencer marketing capabilities

Influencer marketing is something that Facebook has publicly focused on improving since 2016, but perhaps the company’s biggest step into improving the content marketing with influencer posts occurred in the last week.

Previously, marketers could only boost influencer posts if the organization shared the post. While this is still possible, it is no longer the only route for boosting influencer posts. Now, an influencer has an option to click a box that says “Allow business partner to boost this post.” This opens the door for a defined organization to boost the post directly from the influencer’s page.



Instagram improves direct messages; puts further space between itself and Snapchat

Instagram looks like it has moved beyond cloning Snapchat’s most current features and is instead adding brand new features of its own. Last week Instagram added a new functionality that allows for a person who is responding to a direct message that includes a video or photo to be able to use a sticker of the image to which she is replying in her response. It’s not a mind-blowing update, but it does show that Instagram has moved from copying Snapchat to adding its own unique tools to capture the hearts and minds of the young social media users of the world.


Facebook updates algorithm to penalize fake videos

Since announcing its active campaign against click bait and fake news several months ago, Facebook has made multiple algorithm updates to limit the reach of non-transparent or duplicitous content. The social giant just announced in a blog post its next big algorithm update — penalizing photo posts with fake play buttons. According to Facebook, even though these posts will be penalized to rank lower in news feeds, the account that posts them will not be penalized otherwise.


Google Maps now allows users to ask, answer questions on business pages

Online ratings and reviews aren’t the only thing businesses have to think about any more, now that Google Maps has rolled out the option for users to be able to ask and answer questions. Users also may up-vote questions and answers as they read through them. As AdWeek’s Brandy Shaul puts it, “It’s Google’s answer to Quora — with maps.” When a question is posted, Google will let the business owner — and others — know about the question so they can provide answers. The astute content marketer will see this as an opportunity and ensure answers are provided quickly.

Chad Buleen

About Chad

Chad Buleen is an award-winning journalist, the manager of social messaging for a large international nonprofit, a digital media enthusiast and father of four. Follow him on Twitter .

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