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Content Radar: June 14, 2017

Need to keep up with the top content marketing news and reports, but don’t have the time to stay up-to-date? Don’t worry. We are here to help. Check out this week’s top news and studies that you should have on your radar.

New mobile video report from Facebook offers marketers a digital playbook

A new report by Facebook this week offers some intriguing information for marketers who are trying to get a grip on the ever-changing world of mobile video.

The social behemoth even goes as far as to offer marketers a list of the best practices that they can follow to help navigate Facebook videos. These best practices include:

  • Build brand new, short-form, mobile creative: Help people to feel rewarded for viewing a mobile video — even if they only see the first few seconds.
  • Re-organize to test and measure ads on a weekly cycle, not every 6 months: Organize your internal creative teams in way that allows for rapid turnaround and quick strategic alignment.
  • Don’t try to equate disparate platforms: Just because something works on YouTube or Snapchat, don’t assume it will work on Facebook. Likewise, just because something works as a Facebook ad, this doesn’t mean it will work as a post on your page.
  • Measure results, not seconds: Define what you want to accomplish. Measure how your creative content gets you closer to that accomplishment. Don’t be distracted by other data.   

Report shows that your digital return policy is more important to your bottom line than you think

A full 95 percent of online shoppers claimed in a recent report released by Narvar that a positive return experience helps them become loyal customers. Why such a high number? Well, apparently, it is because more of your customers buy products with the intent to return than you may have guessed.

According to the report, 40 percent of online consumers buy multiple items online and intend to return all of them except for the items they prefer when they actually see them in person.

In light of this information, if you will promote in your content marketing efforts how easy it is to utilize your organization’s return policy or make an effort to be especially transparent about the return process, you will likely help foster brand loyalty.

More marketers paying to promote videos on Facebook than any other social channel

A full 67 percent of marketers in the United States have paid to promote a video on Facebook within the last year, making the social giant the most-utilized channel for sponsored videos, according to a new report.

YouTube is the second-most utilized social channel for paid video promotion — with approximately half of all marketers spending on the channel. Roughly 1 in 4 marketers spent money promoting videos on Twitter or Instagram.

If you aren’t among this group, you probably will be soon if you want to remain relevant. Roughly 2/3 of U.S. adults say that they have purchased a product after watching a video on Facebook in the last month.

Consumers don’t trust your digital marketing efforts — and it’s getting worse

Like the adage says, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. Or in the case of digital marketers — it only takes a few irresponsible marketers to make things harder for everybody.

According to new data, nearly two out of three consumers would respond more favorably to an ad on social media if it were to appear on another medium instead.

Why? Well, people don’t trust what they see on social media in the first place. Couple that with the fact that some digital marketers are more focused on cramming a message down a consumer’s throat than building a relationship, and the reason why starts to become more clear.

So what can you do instead? Make sure your ads only run alongside accurate, meaningful information or content. This will help keep consumer’s opinions on your brand higher than they might be when ads run alongside less-than-accurate or unethical content.

Apple will finally offer you more robust podcast analytics

Amid all of Apple’s other announcements last week at WWDC 2017, a small but important­ news item could easily be overlooked. The announcement? If you have a podcast, you will get a better glimpse at your analytics than ever before.

The new data will help marketers get a better understanding of how people are listening to your podcasts. The savvy marketer will be able to take this data and adjust content to offer better podcast experiences. Read more about it in Digiday.


Chad Buleen

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Chad Buleen is an award-winning journalist, the manager of social messaging for a large international nonprofit, a digital media enthusiast and father of four. Follow him on Twitter .

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