Lena Katz


Lena Katz

Lena Katz's credits as a development producer, casting producer and locations manager include cable TV (WEtv, Revolt, HGTV), and digital-first productions (WhaleRock, mikeroweWORKS, Tastemade). She worked directly for major brands including Suzuki, Hormel and Brown-Forman. Learn more about her company at Variable Content.

Specialist Freelancer Tech Writer

The Niche Freelancer: What It Takes to Be a Tech Writer

Tech writers are in high demand. Learn what it takes to be a great one in our interview with Erik Sherman, an expert business and technology writer who’s written for The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Inc., and other top publications.

Personal Productivity Tricks

Personal Productivity Tricks for Self-Supervising Creative Producers

Independent producer and career freelancer Lena Katz shares her tips and favorite apps for keeping yourself accountable when it comes to your own productivity.

Responsible Social Campaign

Examining the Socially Responsible Social Campaign

Leave Twitter tirades to the trolls. Find inspiration from leading brands using social media for the greater good.

Motion Graphics Tell Complex Stories

Motion Graphics: Creating Art to Tell Complex Tech Stories

Get insights on creating motion graphics from Garrett Bess, CEO of Two River Pictures, an expert with 20+ years experience creating video marketing for tech companies.

Laughing to the Sale

Laughing All the Way to the Sale: Should Your Brand Be Funny?

Learn to create hilarious content that sells, taking cues from Hollywood. Lena Katz interviews Greg Cohen and Jason Cox, co-founders of No Roads Productions, on their methodology of capturing new customers with humor.

Talent Cloud Future

The Talent Cloud of the Future: Thoughts From Leaders in Three Fields

Although it’s in its infancy, the blended and decentralized workplace is here to stay. Get insights from leaders at the forefront of developing the “talent cloud” of tomorrow.

Spot Fake Followers Artificial Influence

Five Ways to Spot Fake Followers That Could Sink Your Influencer Campaign

Successful influencer marketing campaigns can have great ROI. But how can you protect yourself from buying into an influencer who might not be all that? Get key tips to vet influencers, weed out fake followers, and better set your expectations.

sponsored instagram ads

Instagram’s New Sponsored Content Feature: What It Means for Marketers (Rejoice!)

San Francisco-based tech adviser Hung Doan helps de-mystify Instagram’s new sponsored content feature and how it can help marketers, in turn, de-mystify the value of influencers.