Gregg Rosenzweig


Gregg Rosenzweig

As a journalist, copywriter and branded content expert for almost two decades, Gregg Rosenzweig has worked creatively with Fortune 500 brands, advertising agencies and leading digital media outlets. Follow him on Twitter.

Content Strategy vs. Content Vision: Two Agency Chiefs Sound Off

We sat down with the chief creative officer and chief strategy officer of the California-based marketing agency Redbird Group. Read what they had to say about marketing, strategy and storytelling in this first post in our series on content vision.

campaign strategy

Four Branded Content Campaigns That Just Worked — And Why

So, what does a successful branded content campaign look like? Gregg Rosenzweig, an expert who’s dealt with hundreds of RFPs (requests for proposals) from major advertisers, shares his recent native content favorites.

Kristina Halvorson

Interview With Kristina Halvorson: Creating Content CMOs Care About

Is your content strategy a mess? Get insights from Kristina Halvorson, who has helped clean up content marketing strategy for numerous Fortune 500 companies. She makes CMOs happy, and so can you.

A Crash Course in Influencer Marketing With Brodie Smith

Brodie Smith is an Ultimate Frisbee legend and a trick shot master — and he knows a thing or two about influencer marketing, too. Learn what he has to say about storytelling for brands, what makes a good influencer fit and more.

The Art of Spinning at CES: An Interview With PR Whiz Elliot Tomaeno

Gregg Rosenzweig caught up with Elliot Tomaeno, founder/CEO of the New York PR firm Astrsk, at CES last month. Read what he has to say about storytelling, PR and success in the digital age.