The Power of Pay for Tech Writers: Are Freelance Rates and Quality Correlated? [STUDY]

We assigned three writers the same assignment, a 400-word article about “Security Best Practices for Development Operations Teams.” Twenty editorial pros rated the quality of each of submission. Here are the findings…

Agile Marketing DK

How to Succeed in Your Agile Marketing Journey [TRANSCRIPT]

What’s all the buzz about agile marketing? We’ll tell you. It’s about rocketing to success. If you missed our webinar with Douglas Karr, here’s your chance to catch up… Video. Transcript. Q&A. Stellar advice.

Content Amplification: How to Get More Eyes on Your Content

How are you going to get your content before a wider audience? Grow your brand, credibility and audience with these amplification and promotion methods.

Content Intelligence: How to Create Content That People Want to Read & Share

Content intelligence is how you bridge the gap between the content you think people want and the content they actually want and engage with. Learn the tools that make it happen.

How to Use Content to Fill Your Marketing Automation Funnel

From cold sales nurture drips to SQL nurture drips and subscriber programs, get the rundown of marketing automation must-dos for email marketing campaigns.

[B2B Content Guide]: The Types of Content That Fuel Your Funnel

More leads, higher conversion, more repeat customers. Get up to speed on content types to fuel your marketing automation: blogs, ebooks, emails and more.

Content Marketing, Automation & the Stages of Your Sales Funnel: An Introduction

Marketing automation enables businesses to set up automated campaigns, nurture sequences and repeat tasks that move prospects through the sales funnel. But without exceptional content, it means nothing.

Free Resources to Elevate Your Content Marketing in 2017

Here are four beautiful, completely free content marketing resources guaranteed to help your team up their game, reach their goals and kick butt.

How to Onboard & Collaborate With Freelance Writers

The best freelance writers become partners with your brand. Learn what to give them so they can be successful and you can meet your content goals.

How Much Should You Pay a Freelance Writer? A Guide to Budgeting for Content

Every content marketer has posed this question at least once: How much should I pay a freelancer to write this? Let us help you answer and plan your budget.

What’s Next for Content Marketing? Industry Experts Make Their 2017 Predictions

ClearVoice staffers and our friends in the industry make their content marketing predictions for the coming year.

How to Vet Freelance Writers: Ask These Questions Before You Hire

Hiring freelancers? Great — just don’t go hiring anyone blindly. Vet them first. Here’s what you need to know and ask before you agree to work with them.

Where and How to Find Great Freelance Writers

Freelance writers can take work off your plate and offer expertise you don’t have — in short, they make your life easier. Learn how and where to find good freelancers so you can focus on other marketing endeavors.

That’s a Wrap: Thoughts, Quotes, Takeaways From Inbound 2016

Boston was the place to be last week if you’re a marketer — INBOUND 2016 was going on in all its bustling, influencer-filled glory. ClearVoice was there. Here’s our take on the scene.

From the ClearVoice Staff: The Best Advice Dad Ever Gave Us

It’s been said that you can’t fully appreciate how amazing your dad is until you grow up and step away from him, and we here at ClearVoice couldn’t agree more. Father’s Day is Sunday, and in honor of the remarkable men who picked us up, brushed us off and told us to try again, we Read more…

2015: A Year in Content [Infographic]

How was your year in content? Take a look at how 2015 stacked up for us here at ClearVoice, and thanks for joining us on our journey.