Allie Freeland

Allie Freeland is a freelance writer, marketing communications pro, and digital strategist. A tenured member of ClearVoice, she has a passion for efficiency in business. She's also an adjunct professor at University of Kansas and Johnson County Community College. Follow her on Twitter.

Scenarios When You Should Expect to Pay Higher Freelance Writing Rates

15 Scenarios When to Pay Freelance Writers Higher Rates

Respecting freelancers’ time and value is key to a good working relationship. Learn when you should reasonably expect to pay freelance writers more than a standard rate — so you don’t drive away good talent.

Measuring Influencer Marketing

Don’t Think You Can Measure Influencer Marketing Campaign KPIs? Think Again…

With the overheated attention given toward influencers, how can you make sure you influencer campaigns are really hitting your goals? Get tips on tracking KPIs without relying on influencers’ un-vetted vanity metrics.

pay rate study

The Power of Pay for Travel Writers: Study Results on Freelancer Rates and Quality

We assigned one travel article to seven writers and had 30 editorial pros rate the quality of the submissions. Did vetted experts outperform less experienced writers?

successful marketing strategy

The Must-Have Elements of Creating a Great Content Campaign With ClearVoice

Creating sporadic content pieces is an immediate customer turnoff because they create a jarring journey and inconsistent brand message. Keep your content and brand voice in line by creating cohesive campaigns with ClearVoice.

How to Boost Conversions With the 6 Elements of Persuasion

How persuasive is your content marketing, really? Let’s tap insights from Robert Cialdini’s best-seller, ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,’ to boost conversions and drive sales.

How to Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign: A Get-Started Guide

New to influencer marketing? Learn how to identify influencers, handle outreach and onboarding and nurture the relationship. Our influencer marketing workbook guides you through the process.

Influencer Marketing Workbook

Influencer Marketing Workbook

Implement an influencer marketing campaign. Download and complete our workbook with categories and metrics specific to your industry and goals.

Increase Your Content Distribution for Free

Did you forget about amplification, the step that promotes your content to a wider audience? We didn’t. Get started for free with these tips and tools.

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We Have Big News! The ClearVoice Marketplace Is Live.

The new ClearVoice is here. Test drive the platform and learn more about the marketplace and content intelligence tools.

Content Creation Tips, Hacks and Tricks From the Executive Editor of SEJ

Kelsey Jones is involved in every aspect of the content-creation process. Read on to learn how you can put her tips and tricks into practice with your own content.

Back to School: 7 Ways to Rehab Your Enterprise Blog This Fall

Ready to go back to school? From establishing goals to optimizing subscribe forms, read on to learn the best ways to rehab your business blog this fall.

clearvoice product launch

15 Lessons Learned From the ClearVoice Product Launch

Key ClearVoice team members share their top lessons learned from the product launch.