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Make it Manageable: 4 Ways To Combat Content Marketing Challenges

You are finally sold on content marketing. But it seems like an overwhelming project and your inner critic is resisting.

It’s saying things like: “I don’t have the time,” “I’m not good enough,” and “What’s left to say that hasn’t already been said?”

These doubts are valid. Solo-preneurs and professionals like you are already stretched to the limit trying to run a business. You don’t have any spare time for another activity. Even if you do create content, you may not feel you’re ready to put it out there and you wonder what you can write about that has not been published by influencers already. According to a 2015 B2B Small Business Content Marketing report, 58 percent of small businesses say they have trouble consistently producing content. 2015-05-04 11-22-04


You are not alone.

Here are four creative ways to build your online authority and grow your audience base, even if you don’t have a lot of time or budget.

1. Think Quality over Quantity

Every day 27 million pieces of content are shared. For yours to rise above the noise you need to produce content that’s useful, relevant and timely which can help your audience solve a problem or achieve a result.

Creating more content just to create content isn’t beneficial and will drive your audience away. Ninety-four percent of small businesses create and distribute free educational material to build a loyal audience and influence profitable customer actions.

There is no value in quantity without quality. Don’t join the daily regurgitated fluff that’s deleted in inboxes everywhere. Make your audience look forward to your publication because of its real solutions.

2. Create a Realistic Publication Schedule

An editorial calendar helps you plan out publication dates so you are making regular contact with your audience. This demonstrates commitment to your audience and they’ll appreciate you for showing up regularly with educational content.

To take your editorial calendar one step further, utilize a platform that allows you to manage writers, create content and have an editorial calendar in one place. Build a following over time with consistency. 2015-05-04 11-35-24

3. Repurpose Current Content Using Another Medium

Your audience will consume and process information in several different ways. To reach the most people possible, present your content in different ways.

  • Consider recording a podcast version of your content for the auditory learners
  • For the majority who are visual learners, use charts, graphs, images, videos or slide presentations
  • For those who like hands-on learning, provide tutorials

These are not too difficult to produce since you have already done the research for that first piece of content. Using mostly free online applications, you can extend your reach and be in touch with new contacts. Fifty-nine percent of marketers reuse content between two and five times, as reported in a 2014 report from Eloqua Community State of Content Marketing.

Have you spoken at a conference lately? Those slides can be rearranged and uploaded to Slideshare which can be posted onto your LinkedIn stream. Do you have a content-rich post? Prepare a list of important highlights and schedule these to be posted on different social media sites using Hootsuite or Buffer.

4. Use Videos and Images to Amplify

Hubspot’s 17 statistics about visual content marketing confirms that posts using visuals can greatly increase engagement.

Tweets with images are found to receive 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites and 150 percent more retweets than tweets without images. This is good news even if you don’t think you are an artist or a designer. Why? Because there are templates and free image editing tools to help you create eye-catching visuals. You may even enjoy the creative editing work. 2015-05-04 14-10-29

Video marketing is gaining traction as an engaging and interactive form of content. According to Social Breaker, upload of videos to Facebook has now surpassed YouTube.

Easily create short videos using smartphones or simple video applications. Or rearrange your slide presentations into short 20-second videos and upload these to the various social media platforms.

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