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33 Resources for Creatives, Analytical Minds and Content Marketers

Every day we are inundated with content. It’s like an unending snowstorm from every direction. And it’s made up of three types of messaging:

First, the share-worthy. These are the articles that change the way we look at our lives, our jobs, our relationships. This is the content that moves the world to action.

The second, which makes up the vast majority of messaging, is solidly mediocre. We give it one pass. We move on and don’t remember anything particularly noteworthy about it.

And the third is total spam… which nobody likes.

In such a noisy world, we could all use some guidance on where to find quality content, how to create it, and how to get the word out after it’s created.

Here are 33 resources for creatives in the content marketing industry, whether you’re a big-wig, a writer, an editor, a marketer or the coffee-fetching intern. It’s important to be inspired by quality, to vet our resources, and to do our best to duplicate that quality. Let’s not just add to the noise.

For News Gathering

  1. VentureBeat

Tap into the business buzz. VentureBeat is a source for all things tech news.

content marketing help

 2. TechCrunch

TechCrunch has its finger on the pulse of new business — startups, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and on-the-cusp tech gadgets.

  1. The Moz Blog

A blog about what it takes to build not only a business but a brand.

  1. Buffer Social Blog

These guys (of practice what they preach, with blog shares that speak for themselves. Its tagline: Thoughts on sharing, creating, analyzing and converting with social media.

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  1. NPR Podcasts

Yes, this is more culture news than marketing news, but story is critically important in both arenas. Steer content in the right direction by learning and getting inspired by journalists who are doing it right. We recommend: “TED Radio Hour” and “This American Life.”


For Content Marketing

  1. Content Marketing Institute

The more scientific, academic side of content marketing. CMI keeps tabs on what makes this breed of marketing tick.

 content marketing platform

  1. Marketo

This robust marketing automation software provides a whole toolbox: email, social, lead, analytics and more.


  1. MarketingProfs

Keep up to date on knowledge and practices with thousands of courses, events and training options available for marketing professionals by marketing professionals.

 content marketing inspiration

  1. Convince and Convert

Jay Baer and his team talk about the balance of persuasion versus sales. The blog keeps tabs on digital marketing trends.


  1. ClearVoice

We’d be remiss if we didn’t toot our own horn a little. We’re really proud of our setup — from finding writers to curating content, the whole kit and kaboodle is under one content marketing umbrella.

 content marketing platform

  1. Marketing Land

If you’ve been living in a hole for the past five years, this site will give you the recap of what’s happening in marketing now.



HR, consumer experience, crisis management — this site is where the “business of marketing” comes in.


For Analytics, SEO and Social

  1. Kissmetrics’s Blog

Weighing heavy on the side of analytics, this site keeps tracking top-of-mind while it explains current strategies.


  1. Social Media Today

Focusing specifically on social platforms, SMT analyzes what works and why… and how it’s ever-evolving.

 content marketing platform


With a lens on SEO, search engines and paid search, this site talks formula to get your business on top.


For Writing

  1. Duotrope

Duotrope is the new “Writer’s Market.” With search and filter capabilities, writers can narrow publishing options to best fit their writing style, saving both writer and publisher time.


  1. Submittable

Magazines from “The Atlantic” to “Playboy” use this as their submission interface. Free for writers and easy (and cheap) for publishers, emailing articles is a thing of the past. Though the old spreadsheet still works, Submittable offers tracking options for all the pieces you have out there.


  1. QueryTracker

This free site will help match literary agents with authors, and track who’s got what where. 2015-03-31 12-22-06

  1. Scrivener

Trouble getting all your thoughts down? This program will help you organize everything — from storyboarding and outlining to tracking progress, and even blocking out the rest the world (full-screen modes) while you work.


  1. Writer’s Digest Prompts

Because sometimes you just need a little push.

 writing prompts

  1. Lit Reactor

From magazine to writing community to online courses, this is a one-stop shop.


For Editing

  1. Grammar Girl

Is it who or whom? Affect or effect? When you’re not sure, or in a pinch, GG’s got your back.


  1. Dear Megan

She’s a riot. Her advice makes writers better writers and editors better editors. And lucky for us, she’s one of our own at ClearVoice.

 grammar help

  1. AP Stylebook

Known as the “journalist’s bible,” this is the go-to style manual for editors, on which every house style is based. It requires a yearly subscription, but the digital edition lets you search the guide and view “Ask the Editor” archives.


  1. Merriam-Webster

It’s the “when-in-doubt” resource, whether it’s for proper spelling, pronunciation or usage — or maybe you’re questioning if you made up the word altogether.

 content marketing help

  1. Urban Dictionary

Aside from the crass entries of innuendos, this resource is great for slang that hasn’t quite made its way into Webster yet. Think “hashtag,” “selfie” and “tweet” pre-2012.

For Designing

  1. From Up North

See what’s trending in typography, graphic choices and more.


  1. Abduzeedo

Always learning… check out the tutorials section and create something new in Photoshop or Illustrator. Your boss might even hang it on the office refrigerator.

 design inspiration

  1. Dribbble

It’s show-and-tell for designers. See what others in the field are doing and what they’re inspired by.


For Generating Creative Juices

  1. Lifehack

Lifehack has figured out everything else in life, so why not creativity, too. Check out this extensive list of creativity resources.

 content marketing resources

  1. Powell’s Staff Picks

Bookworm? Feed your creativity by reading. Check out Powell’s (the 68,000 square-foot bookstore in Portland, Oregon) Staff Picks for a constantly updated list of recommendations.


  1. Listography

Branching far beyond the to-do list and the grocery list, lists create stream-of-consciousness outpourings.

 content marketing tips

33 . Smosh’s Haikus

Everyone is a poet when there are no grades! Use the form as a prompt to get your juices flowing. You’ll find some hilarious samples on Smosh.

Chels Knorr

About Chels

Chels Knorr lives in Phoenix, Arizona. To make money, she edits. To spend money, she travels. Thanks to SPF 50, she spends a lot of time outdoors. She takes her beer dark, her essays short, and her lunch before 11. She wants to spend her life telling (mostly) true stories.

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