What These 10 Halloween Treats Say About Your Content Marketing Tricks

Content Is King (Size). What you're giving out for Halloween says a lot about your content marketing style.

Mmm, Halloween. The only holiday where it’s appropriate to go house to house begging for candy. Other times I try that I’m “trespassing” and they “call the police.” Whatever.

More than 157 million Americans plan on celebrating Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation. We’ll spend a whopping $2.1 billion on candy — more than we buy for any other holiday — including 90 million pounds of chocolate.

And you. You’re giving away rock-hard pieces of Dubble Bubble. Lame.

It’s not widely known, but you can tell a lot about a person’s content marketing style by the Halloween candy they give out. Check it out, and then make sure to tell us what you think in the comments or on social. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Content Marketing

Full-size snickers

You regularly post original, long-form content created by influencers.
We bet you’re damn good-looking, too.


Fun-size Reese’s

You post original content – yay! Only once a week – boo. 🙁


Pez (dispenser included)

Finally, someone who pays attention to distribution, too.


Last year’s leftover candy

You’re just re-posting BuzzFeed articles, aren’t you?

eye roll animated GIF



Right content, wrong audience.

fail animated GIF


Those mystery peanut taffy things

Your content is rife with error. Please, spring for a good editor.

halloween animated GIF


Loose change

You haven’t updated your blog in a year.

waiting animated GIF



You plagiarize.

get out animated GIF


Nothing, I forgot.

There’s this thing called content marketing … you should check it out sometime.

duh animated GIF


Who has time to hand out candy?
I’m out GETTING candy

You use ClearVoice. Nice job!

fun animated GIF



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