Unconventional promotion

Guest Speakers

  • Sid Bharath, Marketing Consultant, @Siddharth87
  • Aaron Orendorff, Editor in Chief at Shopify Plus @iconiContent
  • Jason Quey, Cofounder of Growth Ramp, @jdquey


It takes a lot to be noticed these days. We’ve probably all read at least one article on how {insert a marketing tactic} is dead. A marketer really has to be creative to stay ahead of the curve. So we asked influencers and marketing pros, Sid Bharath, Aaron Orendorff and Jason Quey, how they promote content in unique and engaging ways.

Be strategic. Don’t let content just lie there. Make it soar with a few extra steps, tracking and help from your community.

Highlights from our guests

Aaron Orendorff: …You just don’t have the resources to promote every piece of content nor should you.

Jason Quey: …I had a reputation for putting up certain articles onto there {GrowthHackers}. And so, certain people started following me because they were interested in that {content}. And that’s something people don’t really think about, they just simply think, oh, I need to get that immediate traffic to hit my goals. They don’t stop to think, could it actually hurt me {posting} more…

Sid Bharath: …Aaron and Jason do this really well. They plan the content piece in advance and they have quotes from influencers in their content, and then they go back out to those influencers and get them to promote it.

Jason Quey: …Do you think, as best as you can tell, that these experts are knowledgeable about the given topic? That they would be respected also by your target audience? …The other thing to consider, as you are connecting with these different influencers, try to figure out other ways that you can be adding value to each other outside of just getting traffic to an article.

Sid Bharath: Yeah, it’s all about relationship building.

Aaron Orendorff: The more heavy-handed I get, the better response rate I get. I’ve learned recently, hard due dates and word count requests and things get turned in faster to me. And it’s better quality. The whole idea of the round-up post being dead, that is nonsense. It’s just being done the wrong way.

Jason Quey: I see people not actually tracking their content promotion effort… But let’s say, you aren’t going to be doing UTMs. There’s still other ways you can find proximity metrics, or secondary metrics, to get an idea of how well this is working.

Sid Bharath: And you wanna combine that quantitative data that Jason was talking about with qualitative as well, so you can send out surveys, you can do the website chat popup thing. Call customers and go, “Hey, where do you usually get your information from? What kind of books, blogs, podcasts, newsletters,” whatever. Just try and find out all the sources. And you may come up with something that you never thought of before.

Aaron Orendorff: Yeah, there’s nothing better than an un-sexy spreadsheet in my mind. I love Google Sheets.