Many years ago in college, a journalism professor started a lecture with these 11 words I’ve never forgotten: “If you are not a reader, you are not a writer.”

I have taken his words to heart throughout my career, and I’ve battled writer’s block by reading the work of other wordsmiths. As a writer, drawing inspiration and learning from others is a way to improve your creative skills, develop new ideas, and foster career growth.

And while you should read industry-specific blogs — like the one you’re reading right now — it’s also beneficial to follow your interests. 

5 well-written blogs writers should follow

If you’re into travel and want to snag more clients in the space, seek and find wanderlusters. If you are a new parent, and you know you have value to add to parenting companies or brands, find writers in similar life stages.

Here, a few beautifully-written blogs to get you started:

  • Read My Teas: Fashion, easy DIY projects, parenting, mindful zero-waste food preparation
  • Seth Godin: Business, marketing and entrepreneurial advice
  • Coffee + Crumbs: Pregnancy, parenting, raw, vulnerable writing about raising a human 
  • A Cup of Jo: Captivating, personal, intimate day-to-day writing stories, reflections and experiences, covering parenting, feminism, travel, marriage and beyond
  • Hither + Thither: Travel guides, among other topics including all buckets of lifestyle: food, relationships, design and more

Blogs writers should follow: Reading My Tea Leaves

1. Reading My Tea Leaves

If you are on a mission to do more with less, Erin Boyle may be your new go-to guru. This New York City-based writer grew up in Connecticut, where she fell in love with historic and cultural preservation. Eventually, she attended Brown University and then moved into a tiny apartment that would serve as the initial fodder for her blog, Reading My Tea Leaves. With only 173 square meters to work with, she figured out how to best use her space, cut back on frivolous spending, make smart choices on design and food investments, and more. Today, her pages focus on sustainability in living, as well as happiness in ourselves and in our relationships.

2. Seth Godin

It’s a name you recognize — and for a good reason. For the past three decades, Seth Godin has been scribbling away, offering insightful, witty and candid advice on building brands while also making a difference in the world. To date, he’s published 19 best-selling books, covering topics around marketing, brand development, entrepreneurism and more. However, he still somehow manages to have enough time to write frequent blog posts. Some will make you ponder, others will make you laugh, but most of them you’ll find beneficial in some way. 

Blogs writers should follow: Coffee + Crumbs

3. Coffee + Crumbs

For the past five years, Coffee + Crumbs has given a new voice to parenting. Or, in other words: they’ve created a safe place for vulnerable, raw, and authentic reflections of the joys and the pains of pregnancy, birth, post-partum, and every other stage. As you page through post after post of compelling content, you won’t be able to get enough. What’s different about this website is it features various writers, so the content always feels new. If you become a fan, you can also listen to their podcast and read their book too. 

4. A Cup of Jo

One of the original — and most iconic — blogs out there, A Cup of Jo, has kept a strong readership since 2008. Many writers will relate to her story since it probably sounds similar to their own. Jo Goddard moved to New York City from Michigan in 2001, where she started her Cosmopolitan magazine career. Over six years, she built her career in magazines, including many women’s publications, as well as a stint at an Italian quarterly print. While writing a relationship blog for Glamour and blogging for Conde Nast Traveler and Martha Stewart, she started her own corner of the internet, A Cup of Jo, as a side hustle. Eventually, it grew enough to be her full-time gig, and those who have been there from the beginning have watched her get married, have children, move apartments and face all sorts of relatable life experiences. 

Blogs writers should follow: Hither and Thither

5. Hither and Thither

If you’ve been bit by the travel bug and can’t get enough, you’ll enjoy the in-depth, well-written blogs from Hither + Thither. Though, yes, writer Ashley Bruhn does cover many other topics, like design, food, drink and style, it’s her robust adventuring content that really comes to life. Alongside her husband, she created this blog as a place to share their adventures as they moved crossed the country from California to New York. Fast forward several years later, and they’re back in Northern California, along with their two children. For some escapism, it’s a must-read.