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Understanding Content Plans

When you create compelling, helpful content, it helps your brand stand out from the competition. It all starts with a powerful plan to support your goals.

We create Content Plans using 3 elements:

Content Type

What do you need to create? We've got your back whether your're creating an article or blog, an eBook or white paper, or an infographic or animated video.

Content Level

Who needs to create your content? We look at a mix of talent experience, technical knowledge required, and your goals to determine the content level.

Content Amplification

How will you share your content? We help you ensure your content is shareable in all of your marketing channels.

Content Levels

Our goal is to deliver content that meets your expectations every time. But not all content is calibrated in the same way. Some pieces are more technical or require in-depth knowledge of your products. Others are broader or are for a more general audience. Here is how ClearVoice determines Content Levels so you can choose yours accurately as you configure your Content Plan.

Content Levels

Content Levels
Requires Industry Knowledge
Research Time @ 500 words
Writing Time @ 500 words
All times are based on 500 words
Level 1
Articles, Blogs, Emails, Web Pages, Product Descriptions
Industry Knowledge: None
Research Time:
  ≤ 30 mins.
Est. Writing Time:
  ≤ 30 mins.
Level 2
Articles, Blogs, Emails, Web Pages, Product Descriptions
Industry Knowledge: Entry Level
Research Time:
  ≤ 1 hour
Est. Writing Time:
  ≤ 1 hour
Level 3
Level 2 plus: eBooks, Customer Stories, White Papers
Industry Knowledge: Intermediate
Research Time:
  ≤ 2 hours
Est. Writing Time:
  ≤ 2 hours
Level 4
Level 3 plus: Product How-Tos
Industry Knowledge: Deep
Research Time:
  ≤ 4 hours
Est. Writing Time:
  ≤ 3 hours
Level 5
Level 4 plus: Product How-Tos
Industry Knowledge: Expert
Research Time:
  5+ hours
Est. Writing Time:
  5+ hours

Talent Matching & Management

We actively engage top writers, designers, producers, editors, content strategists, and industry experts to power our Talent Network. When you work with ClearVoice, your dedicated Talent Manager helps onboard and manage your freelancer talent, so you don't have to.

Work with Top Talent

  • Writers, editors, strategists, designers, and more
  • 20+ content types
  • 200+ industries

ClearVoice Managed

  • Individually vetted by our Talent Managers
  • Aligned to your brand
  • Matched by content type

Multiple Content Types to Support Your Marketing Needs


Articles or Blogs

A piece of content that uses purpose-driven writing designed to engage an audience to educate, inform, or illustrate a topic. Articles also help with SEO.

customer stories

Customer Stories*

An engaging article integrating testimonial quotes from a happy client or customer praising the work completed together. (*To be used only with written permission from the customer.)



A helpful resource that explores an industry-related topic from your brand's point of view. Typically downloadable as a PDF. Perfect for lead-gen.



Any message sent to a subscriber, customer, or prospect's inbox for marketing or communications purposes.

landing pages

Landing Pages

A website landing page tells people what they need to know about your company in a clear, concise, and clever way. Typically includes a powerful call to action.

service pages

Service Pages

A website page that conveys practical service details to your customer effectively to help convert curiosity into action.

web copy

Web Copy

Compelling copy for converting, educating, and/or informing customers on the various pages of your website.

product descriptions

Product Descriptions

Presents a product's features and benefits, including facts and stories that inspire a potential buyer.

ad copy

Ad Copy

Whether it's a 15-second pre-roll ad or a paid search ad, this copy is perfect for conveying a company's value proposition.

white papers

White Papers

An authoritative resource that allows a business to position itself as an expert by presenting a problem and offering their product as solution to a potential buyer.

video scripting

Video Scripting & Production

Videos share your message in a more immersive way. Perfect for product demos, sales, training programs, or social media.


Animation & Motion Graphics

Short videos that augment written content or that can be used for social media or landing pages to help with engagement.



Visual companion to written content or standalone piece that help explain how-tos, data, and processes. Can be repurposed for all content mediums and channels.



Imagery that helps amplify your content or further tell the story. Styles vary based on your brand guidelines.


Stock Photography

Existing imagery that helps support your content visually. It may be used with illustrations or other designs to further enhance the overall effect of the content piece.

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How ClearVoice Works

A Dedicated Team to Support Your Content Goals

The ClearVoice Process

The ClearVoice Production Process

Ideation & Briefing
Step 1

Ideation & Briefing

Our team ideates topics aligned with your brand and strategy. Once they have been reviewed and verified by you, we create an assignment brief with all of the essential instructions for the freelance talent.

Dispatch & Production
Step 2

Dispatch & Production

Our Talent Managers onboard a vetted writer or designer and dispatches the assignment. The freelancer then follows the assignment brief as they craft the content with our team's support.

Review & Revision
Step 3

Review & Revision

Your account Producer verifies the content follows the assignment brief, is brand-aligned, and plagiarism free. If a rewrite is needed, they send it back to the writer for revision. This process repeats until the piece is ready.

Customer Approvals
Step 4

Customer Approvals

The assignment is sent to you for review and approval. If the piece requires additional edits, the assignment is sent back to the writer and reviewed by the Producer once the corrections are made.

The Power of VoiceGraph

VoiceGraph® proprietary talent matching softward ongoingly compiles and updates more than 450,000 author profiles from a running content index of 100,000,000 posts from more than 350,000 websites.

Editorial Support to Ensure Quality Content

Delivering great content requires a sophisticated editorial approach. ClearVoice Managing Editors and Producers are content and editorial experts who are with you throughout the process, from ideation to quality control.


Ideation leverages research, search tools, and editorial expertise to determine what content is in demand for your industry and what topics will resonate with your audience. We curate content ideation, so you don’t have to spend hours researching and brainstorming ideas.

Assignment Briefing

One of the most critical steps in content production is creating assignment briefs. Briefs guide the writer, designer, and editor to confirm what they’re crafting meets your specifications. Our team creates these briefs using ClearVoice.


All content is thoroughly reviewed before we send it to you for approval. Your account Producer ensures that the piece aligns with the brief, your brand and editorial guidelines, and best practices for content creation. If the work requires revision, the Producer will send the content back to the writer for additional work.

Quality Control

Your account Producer, supported by a ClearVoice Managing Editor, maintains the quality by updating your brand and editorial guidelines, coaching the writers, ensuring the suitable writer is assigned to the right pieces, etc. The ClearVoice platform incorporates sophisticated plagiarism checkers that automatically check millions of websites to ensure your content is uniquely created for your brand.

Great Content Requires a Powerful Process

Our managed service includes smart workflows to help us deliver content efficiently and at scale. Every ClearVoice customer has a team comprised of a Customer Success Manager, Talent Manager, Managing Editor, and freelance talent to support the content production process.

In-depth Onboarding

When you sign up with ClearVoice, you'll go through our in-depth onboarding process. Our team intakes your brand, finds and hires your freelance team, ideates your topics, creates assignment briefs, and gets your content production underway.

Ongoing Production Management

Once you move out of onboarding, your freelance team works together to ensure your content plan is fulfilled month after month. Your Producer creates briefs, dispatches each assignment, and reviews the content before sending it to you for final approval.

ClearVoice Support

Our Customer Success Managers and Managing Editors engage in ongoing conversations with you. They help make adjustments to your Content Plan and calendar as needed. Our Talent Managers continue to manage your freelance crew, so there is never a disruption to your content flow.

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The CV Platform

The ClearVoice Platform

The ClearVoice platform enables our teams to collaborate and create content scalably. It is the house for your brand guidelines and audience personas, so your freelancers are drawing from the same information as they create your articles. Additionally, the platform provides a centralized point for communication with the writers, editors, and designers and for organizing feedback on each content piece. Every ClearVoice customer receives unlimited licenses so you can have as many members of your team on the platform as you need to achieve your content goals.

Boost Your Content with Add-Ons

Content is most effective when it is search optimized, includes visuals to engage your audience, and is infused throughout all of your marketing channels like social and email.


Our freelancers ensure each article is optimized for search engines with keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Stock Photography

Our freelancers choose from our library of beautiful stock imagery. Consists of 1 hero image for each piece produced.


Our freelancers produce email copy snippets to highlight your content in your email marketing.

Social Media

Our freelancers produce social media copy snippets to highlight your content through channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Our freelancers produce custom illustrations and/or designed imagery to elevate your content.


Bolster your content with interviews conducted between a ClearVoice freelance writer and you, a member of your team, or a customer.

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